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Helix Nebula NGC7293


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Took this NGC 7293 aka The Helix nebula during my stay in Namibia.

Photo Details:
Ha - 45x5Min=225 Min
OIII - 15x5Min=75 Min
Lum - 6x5Min=30Min
RGB - 5x5Min for each channel = 75Min
Total Expo: 405Min

Telescope: ASA 12'' F3.6
Mount: DDM 85 Unguided
Camera: FLI 16200 Mono
Filters: Astrodon

Thanks for watching




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No, you won't as they've just been discontinued alas, Datalord and I picked up the last two, at around £12k a time.

That's a brilliant image BTW, and yes, the Helix is desperately low from these latitudes.

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Hi Frederic,

In the process I did all channels details separately at first Ha, OIII, Lum, RGB (RGB I did as one from MaximDL).

In  photoshop I used LRGB for the Stars and I had to the Red the Ha also.

Then I took the Ha photo and deleted the Blue and Green color channel from it and add the OIII has the Blue channel. Then I use an action that is part of the Astronomy Tools called "Synthesize Green Channel from Red and Blue" to create the Green color...the beautiful colors you just pop up. It is the first time I use this technic and I was very happy with the results.


I hope it answer your qestions





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