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  1. My husband known here to some of you as Freddie passed away earlier this morning, He knew this day would come  because he had been very ill for some time. He wanted me to make a last post for him in the event that it did. He is at peace now and with the stars he loved so much.


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    2. daz


      This is very sad news. Thank you for letting us know, and we hope you have some comfort from knowing he was a great asset to our community.

      Clear skies Freddie :(


    3. steve k

      steve k

      Very sorry to hear that news... RIP SIDO

    4. MilwaukeeLion


      Very sorry for your loss, rest in peace Freddie. 

  2. Arcturus or Alpha Bootis in the constellation of Bootes and the 4th brightest star in the night sky was my first target last night and I used it to align my laser for my static eeva rig, I don't really spend much time saving images (yet) but my method of location is quite cool so I thought to share. I'm running a 400x80mm and a 180x50mm achro on a static alt az mount guided by laser, the scopes and laser are aligned and the focusers are preset to infinity and locked allowing an asi385mc to be used in either scope quickly. The image was taken in the 50mm the stars a bit jerky because I had to hold the laser on while operating the computer to get the shot, the green cast is from the laser the method is very accurate and puts me on any target with ease. I managed to pull a few dso after Arcturus using the 80mm and starting with the Whirlpool just in time too as down she went behind the trees so up I went to hit the Pinwheel and after about 3 minutes it was looking very nice spiral arms all around just the dandy of the night it was, but I had the 200mm Dobson out too and was hitting Jupiter visually with very good results and after that switched back to the asi385 and took in M13, M27, M57 and M92 before jumping back on the Dob and finishing with Saturn. So a couple hours and a clear sky for a change...Finally. Thanks for looking and Clear Skies of course Freddie. Unedited except for inversion, 28 frames x 1200ms or just long enough to juggle the shot.
  3. I would say anyone reading this thread that has not seen M31 through binoculars or a low mag wide field 7 to 14x achro ed apo under dark skies really should get that one off the bucket list or put it on theirs, really is a stunner and while your out there hit M42, M45 and the doulble cluster all on the same night you won't be disappointed in the slightest I guarantee it
  4. Here it is with a Revelation 32mm 1.25 52° eyepiece at a 6.4mm exit pupil... Orion ST80 Achromat...400mm focal length... First time I posted an Astronomy Tools Fov link hope it works https://astronomy.tools/calculators/field_of_view/?fov[]=318|185|||1||&messier=31 Freddie.
  5. Maybe a baby bag and you just can't see the Stork because the Sun is shining from the wrong angle Freddie
  6. My best all encompassing views in a 200mm f6 Newtonian/Dobsonian are with a 2" 38mm SWA at 6.3mm exit pupil and this still does not totally envelope the entire galaxy but I consider myself a cheap eyepiece specialist and this does provide awesome views in this scope in bortle 4 or less skies. In skies that have more light pollution or if ground level light pollution prevents or limits dark adaptation your 25mm and centering M31,32,110 is likely the best route as stated previously because using a wider field lower mag eyepiece will not show you any more galaxy but the 38mn SWA can be very inexpensive and will do a very nice job with M42 and M45 even in more light polluted skies and is a great finder eyepiece in that scope but at f5 it will show a little more coma than at f6 that being said using widefield low mag eye pieces in newtonians requires good collimation or the edge views can be just horrible. A good pair of binoculars and a trip to the countryside will provide the best views of M31 though so if you do travel to a dark site binoculars are invaluable and a great addition to the experience. Best of Luck and Clear Skies of course Freddie.
  7. Binocular objectives make for good focal reducers too and I used a couple for visual for some years with good results, my first 1.25 eyepiece was two 24mm binocular objectives in a metal film canister and those eventually served as focal reducers once I actually began purchasing 1.25 eye pieces for use in my hardware store made out of plumming parts focuser. My latest repurpose is an old garage door opener brace for use as a bracket tying two scope rings together for a vixen shoe to mount my laser on my static eeva rig, a piece of that was also adapted for a guide handle on my 90mm f11 achro... Even though I can afford things more easily now days and almost anything can be bought I still enjoy filling in the gaps now and then when the parts required do not exist or are just silly expensive. Nice work and pics. Freddie.
  8. Very nice Charl, thanks for sharing!
  9. Nice shots, thanks for sharing these!
  10. The tube I cut was 1/8" wall aluminum I don't know the grade but think a slow hot knife trough butter would sum it well at that thickness, the cutter was rented for a couple dollars and intended use was for steel pipe up to 1/4".
  11. I rented a pipe cutter to shorten a frac tube to install a alternative objective lens and that just worked splendid, just graduated pressure while spinning round and the cutting is precise and made easy. Pipe cutters come in different sizes and the larger ones can be rented, looks like you all may have this sorted but for others reading the pipe cutter thing is a good method just need a smooth surface for it's guide rollers... Freddie.
  12. Thanks for the extra info Avani, I think I can barely just make out the hexagon in this shot but I may be wrong and just wanting to see it...Very nice shot indeed.
  13. SIDO


    Welcome to SGL, Best of Luck and Clear Skies of course... Freddie.
  14. I would replace it if ; 1. The slightest imperfection is found. 2. Refer to answer 1. Solar visual observation is always a risk taking endeavor, if anyone were to ever guarantee otherwise or take for granted just for a second this fact serious injury could result. I don't take chances, filters are cheap... Freddie.
  15. I own several barlows both cheap and more expensive models, the Meade #126 2x is very good and is optically the best lower cost Barlow I have ever come across...Mine is like 30 years old now and still competes well even against my Q-Turret and even prefere it to that Barlow. You don't have to spend a lot to get a good Barlow but if you want a good Barlow with a compression eyepiece holder then some extra funds are definitely needed. Best of Luck and Clear Skies of course... Freddie.
  16. Was out under some hazy skies last weekend and did a little static eeva with my little 80, my first ever saved image and upload after tinkering several times out with the new asi385 and being brand new to astronomy cameras (was a phone pic guy up too now). Anyways its 162 frames at 3 minutes focally reduced and iruv cut. Plan to pay the upgrade fee for sharpcap and do automatic dark frame subtraction now that I've tinkered a bit and have some assemblage of the process, this is just a quick edit on my phone and that is my intent here...Quick and easy down and dirty eeva and indeed that it is, have already observed over 100 objects in just 7 sessions though my first couple sessions were very rough and tumble Hoping for much better seeing the next time out as its not been great so far... Freddie.
  17. Awesome stuff and very effective at dropping jaws, I got to be part of a street astro club for just short of 5 years until it disbanded in 1997 and will never forget the great experience that was... Hats off and Clear Skies of course! Freddie.
  18. Fantastic shots Everyone, Really like the androids myself and they were definitely showing well in this competition...Of the winners my favorite wound up being the entry by Pete Presland, Great job Pete and all those that participated too. Freddie.
  19. Very nice, those P9's take some great shots... Freddie.
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