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  1. Very Nice, the colouring is of an eerie pastel. I will not discribe exact colours though as my wife has indicated to me I lack in this area, thanks for sharing this it's an awesome nebula...
  2. Nice first go, have to get that memory upgraded for next time
  3. Nice capture no matter what their calling it...indeed. Cool though the moon has become a media sensation, I do get a chuckle from some of the names and the worm thing is no exception
  4. Only have seen a snippet of this shot posted elsewhere, in it's entirety its even better...Nice shot Stu Indeed!
  5. Awesome, Best of luck with the new scope...Cool you found a good deal, Clear Skies... Freddie
  6. Really nice to see some activity, Thanks for posting these Ibbo! These look great...
  7. Definitely some very noticeable colouring differences there, the image is a little more resolute than your last. The banding seems more compressed near the equator too this year, Very nice in all regards as always Avani
  8. Very nice Anthony, Cool you are getting it...All clouded over here
  9. Interesting question, if infinite and those possiblities surely exist than you may rest easy knowing someone exactly like you or an infinite number of you's are covering this question in excess as we speak, if not than you are just you and with no other you's around and you get total credit for this brilliant question. Either way this turns out, best of Luck and Clear Skies of course Freddie...
  10. SIDO

    Hi from Barcelona

    Thanks for sharing the link, My compliments on the awesome imagry displayed there, impessive works they are...indeed.
  11. https://agenaastro.com/meade-series-4000-9-7mm-super-plossl-eyepiece.html https://agenaastro.com/meade-series-4000-32mm-super-plossl-eyepiece.html The reason Meade provides a 9,7mm with this telescope is becouse the Meade 9,7mm is at top end of the Etx90's abilities for magnification during average seeing with an 8mm you would be hard pressed to use such short focal lenth eyepiece a few times a year as the seeing rarely allows its use I know this becouse I own an Etx90. Also superplossls and plossls are not the same as superplossls are superior to plossls by design so the Meade superplossls will out perform other plossls in their price range. On the subject of exit pupil, the 9.7mm Meade 4000 superplossl will produce an exit pupil of 0.7mm In the Etx90 with an eye relief of 5mm more than enough for individuals not utilizing perscription eyeglasses. If you do buy an 8mm eyepiece for an Etx90 it will be your least used eyepiece. Sounds like you are in the U.S. so Agena Astro would be the likely supplier and carry a plethora of eye pieces and telescope equipment, I have been using them for years and their just an awesome online store. A picture of my Etx90 or my current Etx90 I should say as this is my second the first was the ec model like yours. Again best of Luck... Freddie...
  12. SIDO

    Hi from Barcelona

    Welcome to SGL, I am a natural wood fan but couldent help notice the telescope Very nice equipment all around. Certainly look forward to seeing your work... Best of Luck and Clear Skies Freddie...
  13. Welcome to SGL, Congratulations on the telescope, nice price indeed... Those scopes typically came new with two eyepieces the 26mm Meade super plossl you mentioned and a Meade 9.7mm super plossl that is just an awesome eyepiece in that telescope as per my personal experience and has been written about positively in many forums and blogs across the globe. A 32mm Meade super plossl will give you the widest field of view attainable in the Etx90 and the 9.7mm I referred to will be your planetary and higher magnification eyepiece, your scope is capable of a little more magnification than the 9.7mm will provide but not much more I wouldent buy anything shorter in focal length than an 8mm eyepiece for this scope. These two eye pieces can be bought cheaply but are very good in the Etx90 and would give you a decent set to get started. Best of Luck Freddie...
  14. We loose a lot of good visual observer's this way, first they tinker in eaa then its on to the hard stuff and before you know it their off spending thousands of dollars on the stuff and eventually discover photographers are only as good as their next image but buy then its too late
  15. Studying the rock lined impact basins on Bennu reveal the low gravity levels as after impact events ejecta are gently returning to the surface creating those quite odd looking basins. Some boulders show uneven bottom surfacing characteristics with spacing between them and the under lying strata indicating soft touch down, a poorly packed surface material with a solid core likely I think. Neat asteroid indeed...
  16. Nice Example Stu... The thing is in bad seeing one can always save face by shooting the full disk, the Moon is just a great all rounder I think
  17. SIDO

    Greetings from Poland

    Hello Wojtek, Welcome to SGL...Best of Luck and Clear Skies of course Freddie...
  18. SIDO

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to SGL Matt, The forums here a great luanching pad for beginners in astronomy...Best of Luck and Clear Skies Freddie...
  19. Thanks TheMan, I was going for unique and novel but trippy and neat will do just fine
  20. Thank You Mick, Some region's of the moon look stunningly different when inverted and the Copernicus region is definitely one of those, the gif forum seems a good way to add emphasis to those differences I thought... Freddie...
  21. Or at least my first ever gif and first ever astrophotography contest entry, taken with my old but trusty Celestron HD-150 Newtonian on GSO manual alt-az mount (my new one ) Saturday March 16th 2019 in the mid afternoon so it is a daylight shot with the moon waxing at about 78%. Android LGL62VL Smartphone 8 Megapixel running Open Camera in burst mode with focus lock and exposure lock on and all other settings auto utilizing manual exposure compensation for exposure bracketing. Exposure Time : 1/59 ISO : 50 The editing was done in Snapseed and the invert was created and processed in Toolwiz Photos the two images were then coupled with Du Gif Maker. Open Camera, Snapseed, Toolwiz Photos and Du Gif Maker are all Android applications and are free. A Meade smartphone adapter, Celestron 8x24 zoom eyepiece, 2x Meade short focus barlow and an infra red blocking filter rounded out the imaging train. Thanks for Looking and Clear Skies Everyone Freddie...
  22. When I seen the spot materialize Sunday on soho I whiped of the screen just to be sure Nice Captures...
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