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  1. SIDO

    Orion widefield

    That's dataful...and quite beautiful as well...
  2. SIDO

    Jan 18, 2018: Moon with C8 and DSLR

    Very nice, You should do well...Best of Luck Freddie...
  3. You will be impressed, been a few decades for me but a trip I might even make again at some point. Yerkes is only now open through Sept 29 of 2019 and it's future is uncertain, your chance to see the 40 may be on that Clark visit...I will be traveling to Williams Bay this summer because I'm afraid it may be my last visit to Yerkes, Chicago developers are increasingly becoming more and more interested in the property and the weight of their offers may at some point sway the university. Best of Luck John...
  4. SIDO

    Welcome from Sale

    Welcome indeed
  5. SIDO

    Rosette Ha(R)GB

    Excellent image, Very contrasty and sharp...You Rocked it no doubt there
  6. SIDO

    New to astrophotography

    Welcome to SGL, Enjoy! Freddie
  7. SIDO

    Hello from Southern Spain

    Welcome to SGL, Best of Luck with your new telescope and Clear Skies Freddie...
  8. SIDO

    Hello from Windsor, UK

    Welcome to SGL, Best of Luck with your new telescope and Clear Skies Freddie...
  9. SIDO

    Barnard's Loop

    Very Nice, good to see it
  10. SIDO

    Luna 16-1-2019 IR642

  11. Very Nice, sharp and great edge detail, nailed them I think
  12. SIDO

    Hello from North East US

    Welcome to SGL from the central U.S...Enjoy the Build and Clear Skies I hope Freddie...
  13. SIDO

    Hello from Nottingham

    Welcome to SGL, 4WD's and SCT's sound very sporting and fun...Best of Luck getting just the right combo for your adventures and Clear/Skies of course Freddie...
  14. SIDO

    Evening 14/01/2019

    Nice report, cloud all around here so I'll be taking what I get up too and including the eclipse. If I have to dance a little as you did, so be it
  15. SIDO

    Rainbow Sirius!

    Chromatic Aberration from an incorrect focusing of wavelengths and Atmospheric Dispersion are two quite different effects and together will provide a very colourful viewing experience. Dispersion Correctors can be used to compensate for Atmospheric Dispersion and Filters can be used to make the views through Achromatic Refractors with inherent Chromatic Aberration more appealing or more pleasant. The links below will give well detailed information on these two phenomena. Best of Luck...Freddie https://cseligman.com/text/sky/atmosphericdispersion.htm https://www.astronomynotes.com/telescop/s2.htm https://www.cloudynights.com/articles/cat/articles/tests-of-9-different-chromatic-aberration-filters-r2834 http://skyinspector.co.uk/atm-dispersion-corrector--adc
  16. SIDO

    Hello from Manchester

    Welcome to SGL and Best of Luck with your Astronomical Quest Freddie...
  17. You have a very nice telescope and a little bit of restoration to do, looks like the focuser has been upgraded and the original ID plate replaced...a small bit of "pb blaster" applied carefully will loosen the spider for clean/derust and repaint. These scopes restore nicely as I have seen quite a few successful restorations through the years and they do give up views well worth the effort. Best of Luck Freddie...
  18. Very Nice for Qwick n Dirty, Extra points if you shot it out the window of course
  19. I use the Celestron Firecel combo hand warmers, they have a shape that fits the palm nicely inside a glove. Also a neat little flashlight and usb charger pack when you need that too. Been useing them a few years now and they are holding up very well... https://havecamerawilltravel.com/photographer/celestron-firecell-external-battery-review/
  20. I think the most important thing to note here is that unless the secondary is literally caked with dirt you will see absolutely no noticeable improvement after it's cleaning, a little dust will be completely unnoticeable. I clean my mirrors once a year in a process similar to that posted in this thread but the environment in wich the scopes live and work is very dirty and humid, my oldest mirror is twenty years old this year and it's coatings have held up well due to careful cleaning only as needed. Microscratches are accumulative and proper cleaning or no cleaning are the only means to prevent them occurring
  21. SIDO


    Wow, nice scopes indeed...Best of Luck with the new kit and those needed Clear Skies Freddie...
  22. SIDO

    Helo from North Wales

    Welcome to SGL Andy
  23. SIDO

    Agena Astro U.S

    They are very good at Agena, been purchasing though them for many years and they are just a pleasure to do business with...I just wrote a positive review on their site yesterday for a couple of 6 point laser brackets that were the cats meow for the 1inch diameter lasers I fancy.
  24. SIDO

    Hello from Gilbertsville, PA

    Welcome to SGL, "Stellarium" is a great tool to help you choose the target's for your first observations and beyond...The Moon has now begun waxing so you will soon be chasing it's terminator with wonder and amazement and on the night of January 20-21st there is a lunar eclipse you may be able to observe depending on your location and it's cloud cover so you are well placed for a great start with your new telescope. Enjoy and, Best of Luck, Freddie

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