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  1. I'm just beggining in eeva but I have already noticed the equipment needed can vary considerably depending on what size the intended targets are you interested in...Large dso or small galaxies or maybe even wide fields, how much light pollution do you have? You may need a light pollution filter and if its really bad you might want to design your rig to be portable so you and it can travel to darker skies. Louise is correct that astronomical darkness is waning as locations in the northern hemisphere spin south and here in the US we northerners are just pulling out of the rainy season so slow it is and has been, but if you add some additional facts like LP info what targets your after some one is likely to chime in further. Best of Luck and Clear Skies of course Stew... Freddie.
  2. This is awesome, very nice indeed!
  3. Welcome to SGL, Best of Luck and Clear Skies of course... Freddie.
  4. I like Johns "Core set of Equipment" place, once you refine that it becomes more a utility for process rather than a process for utility. My agreement with John comes more from the evolution of good reasonably offered equipment over the years where my upgrades have most often been just that...Better equipment had become available and choices and additions were availability and upgrade ability based. Now days that is no longer the case were as function form and abundance are widespread. With all the market offerings today one can easily find something better to trump what they have, just spend enough and its on the doorstep. Too easy all this my wife thinks Freddie.
  5. SIDO

    And another one!

    Welcome to SGL lan, The best choices are always well considered so take your time and soak up some astro first. Best of Luck and Clear Skies of course Freddie.
  6. Sorry to hear about your primary, not many folks post up smartphone pics of Jupiter as it's just hard to get good image scale for planets with a smartphone. You did get some details though so well done I'd say Freddie...
  7. This looks good Stu, I hear what your saying about single frames though... When seeing is great I get single frames that are quite nice no stacking required and on those same nights doing video and stacking and single frames the stacks do look better than the single frames, on nights of bad seeing though stacking beats single frames by a good length but I just avoid snapping anything in bad seeing as the lure for me using a smartphone for lunar capture is a couple minutes of shooting and a few minutes more for post processing. I would have sharpened this a bit more but that's me
  8. SIDO

    Hello from Greece

    Welcome to SGL, Best of Luck and Clear Skies of course... Freddie.
  9. Very nice Matt and Welcome to SGL, Best of Luck and Clear Skies of course for all your astronomical photographic endeavors... Freddie.
  10. Took this stack under high cloud last night after hacking together a new finder for my static eeva rig out of a 6x30 Celestron Ler finderscope objective a 25mm binocular objective for use as a reducer and an infra red blocking filter, should be 4.6 x 2.6° but not sure I couldent see hardly any stars visible with the high cloud and just took the stack blind on a camera tripod outside while sitting in my kitchen as the low temps last night were more like winter. So target area unknown to me/would like to know. Field of view unknown/would also like to know. The original image is 1936x1096 and because its a static livestack png the crop removed the under exposed overlap leaving 1655x1018, I did the crop and a quick edit on my phone to help bring the details for identifcation purposes. My system for eeva is static so just like manual visual observing I need a good magnified finder as the laser often only gets me close and this should speed things up. It can also be a fair eeva wide field set up I am discovering and already thinking I could start a stack on it as soon as a target is located then while busy making ajustments to the main scope camera I can toggle back and have a look after starting the main scope stacking application. Any help would be great, this is all quite new to me, I know I've chosen methods that are uncommon so please bear with me here. Freddie...
  11. Very nice Everyone really enjoyed this one a lot, Congratulations to the winners/all of them
  12. Congratulations Luke, Ten years is a long time and it sounds like you have exploited it well... Freddie.
  13. SIDO


    Welcome to SGL Jim, Best of Luck and Clear Skies of course... Freddie.
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