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  1. Just completed an ultralight friction fit waterproof paperboard dew/light shield for My Z200, black flooring underlayment, 2" stickon velcro, 2" stickon felt and a Razer knife...One more to go 🙂


  2. SIDO

    Mars is mocking me

    I read an article yesterday that carbon monoxcide from the fires has reached the east coast, We were under strong high pressure here in Wisconsin for 4 days prior to Tuesday and skies were hazy and a strange ground fog moved in all four nights, If there were a canary in this coal mine I think we'd be in feathered funeral territory.
  3. SIDO

    Mars is mocking me

    Interesting post, I'm not alone and thought I had it bad. My superior planet gap is a about 2 hours one before and one after the meridian, nothing to the north so no pole star to allign a mount but I did put down marks the night I accidentally got perfect alignment.
  4. One could also install attatchments for a shoulder strap that could serve for both hands free transport and an aid in steadying while sitting or standing as well as a way to prevent it dropping and breakage.
  5. Being held close to the body will induce thermal indifference but at low magnification this should be almost unnoticeable, I have never tried this as an observing method but have done this to test small telescopes after reassembly due to cleanings or repair and ajustmemts using low magnification. I may try this with my 150/750 Newt this coming weekend just for fun as it's predicted to be clear, this certainly sounds more ergonomic than binoculars and a 114mm f3.9 with a 450mm FL would almost put Andromeda in the box. I use binoculars in the depths of the winter and this could be a very viable alternative. Thanks for the light bulb John
  6. Cool that you are learning more and maybe getting on with your choice of a telescope, if it is the 127mm than its a good choice and down the road when you get that larger heavier deep sky scope the 127mm will be a nice alternative to lugging out the big scope when conditions, moonglow or the days physical stress warrent a less is more approach. Be sure to post your first light observations with us, would be great to hear your experiences with the new scope
  7. Awesome Stu, Thanks for sharing! A 28" telescope with a 70" eyepiece height at zenith?
  8. Next forecasted clear night here in Wisconsin is Saturday, I have a flocking job on my old C150-HD Newtonian to complete as well a dew shield for the scope. By then the moonlight will be creeping back in to be seen. 

  9. You hadda mention Crazy Big Scopes, this was on craigslist last month for $500 but you'll need a flatbed. The mirror is only 12 inches, the ad should be on the best of craigslist for astronomers if there was such a thing. At that unstated but apparent focal length and that short ladder I think it qualifies.
  10. I guess I consider f6 fast as opposed to f13.8 and 1200mm long as in comparison to a 500mm Newtonian with an f3.9 fr but more over realized the mistake made in my previous post and was agreeing with you. Isent f3.9 the bottom end of fast though unless we are talking camera lenses?
  11. In an 8" F6 dobsonian with a 1200mm focal length a long focal length is exibited with a short focal ratio, so it is the ratio and not the length.
  12. For the shorter focal length scope the mirror or lens has a steeper curve, few but not all cheaper eyepieces do well with the short focal lengths because over time it has not been their primary design criteria to deal with this steep curve but to use these specific designs in long focal length telescopes. Were as some eyepiece manufacturers have specifically designed eyepieces that work much better with short focal lengths and of course because they have a broader range of use as far as focal length they are more expensive. 40 years ago these sorts of short focal lengths were very much unheard of and this transition to more expensive eyepieces reflects their current popularity. Short focal lengths have become popular because of the introduction of dobsonian telescopes and the later introduction of Ed-Triplets and other apochromatic refractors wich in most cases are mostly short focal length scopes as well. So imho yes Knighty2112 is correct
  13. Just read this very interesting space weather article from phys.org


  14. SIDO

    Intoxicated Visitors

    I have been there before, once at an public boat landing in the off season I had a random stranger show up in a pickup truck with a case of beer in his dasboard, I observed him drink about 10 beers while pitching the emties out the window at wich point he jumps out staggering over to me and Questar sitting at the picnic table and like he thought we were buddies forever begins to tell me everything I was viewing would look better with a beer, after about an hour of this and some seriously expertly done verbal juggling on my behalf his case was empty and yes the guy just jumps in the truck barrels out of there after downing 24 cans in an hour. But for the life of me if everything looked better with a beer why did he not ask to look thrue the scope, good thing that he dident ask, I guess...

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