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    Science and Astronomy...But since being permanently disabled in 2015 I have been struggling with these interests a great deal and the direction the hobby is taking for me is uncertain at best, I still try as much as possible to get out there as much as I can and am still working through alternative solutions to compensate and succeed. Life is still better with it than without it so onwards and upwards I qo with due diligence and hope guiding the way.
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    United States, Fort Atkinson Wisconsin.
  1. My daughter was visiting and said "someone should get a picture of that Moon, Its Awesome!" so the first photo with the ST80 was too be taken within moments. I quick swapped in a 1.25 diagonal and 8x24 zoom aligned and fitted the camera mount & camera tossed on the IR blocking filter pulled the cap and dodged outside before the cloud had a chance, set the Open Camera app to burst and snatched about ten quick frames then headed inside and took the rough edges off the best frame in Snapseed. For a first shot I like it, dident use my normal filter arrangement and the exposure was on the hot side so it should do a fair bit better when I'm not in a hurry showing off for my daughter Full Aperture 80mm at F5 ST80 x 400mm Achromat LGL62V Open Camera Snapseed Thanks for Looking...Freddie
  2. The last two dobs I purchased have had the Lazy Susan style bearings and previously to that the market was mostly Teflon style bearings, I do like the Lazy Susan style but only after installing adjustabile feet on the base so the scope can be easily leveled and a bit of swapping thrust bearings to get the right tension uniformity...with my old dobs that used Teflon bearings I used to sprinke a bit of graphene a dry lubricant and at one point even replaced the Teflon with sheet plastic to get motion just where I liked it. As John stated his preference it is a matter of personal preference as too the azimuth motions of a dobsonian and getting it just right will indeed make your observing more comfortable. Freddie
  3. A dobknob is a simple and inexpensive addition that can go far to make the bump tracking method more accurate, some prefere the knob bottom scope but I like it nearer the focuser as pictured. A RACI and a redot, recital or laser finder is an awesome combo on these scopes as somewhat formentioned. Best of Luck... Freddie
  4. SIDO

    Meade 56mm 2" EP

    Would be better for anyone researching the Meade 56mm if the title reflected the actual posts here, but I am not the OP so just my opinion.
  5. Nice Image, Not bad considering the challenges...cloud has been hitting hard here in Wisconsin this fall too. Better last year by a long shot...
  6. SIDO

    Ring Nebula st80

    Nice sketch Mark, yes I agree a little mag might do it a bit of improvement...I like a 7mm at 57x in the ST80 myself for M57, haven't had the ST80 for but a few months and been mucking about trying eye pieces with it. Best of luck...
  7. SIDO

    A distant Mars!

    Very Nice, thanks for helping us see it better this go round, was a little frustrating this opposition visually...
  8. Nice setup and report, sounds like you are pleased with it, the most important measure...
  9. SIDO

    Noob Moon Pic with Iphone

    Nice Images, phone pics are awesome...Lunar live views with the phones they have now days are nothing short of spectacular, Phones are an easy way to tinker with AP with little commitment financial or otherwise, not to mention a good bit of fun too
  10. For a spotter the ST80 is a pretty awesome little scope, I live on a peninsula between two large water bodies with the whole area designated a wildlife refuge, I watch the eagles fish almost every morning with it and have yet to see blue and purple eagles. My views are clear for 10's of miles but most wildlife is not viewable past a 1000 yards due too thermals not the scope so past that 1000 yards not much magnification can be utilized "Nature" of the game so to speak. With any achromat especially a short focus one collomation is critical or all kinds of ugly aborations will be amplified. Really absolutly no fun chasing eagles with a maksutov as within that 1000 yards the field is too narrow, a static finch on a branch can quite easily be tracked though.
  11. I purchased the Omegon ST80 because I can't get the Skywatcher here in the states but it is essentially the same scope, with a short scope mounted dovetail and a cheaper alt az tripod like the one I'm using it would be a light weight ez grab and go mine even with all my excess still only comes in at 13 pounds tripod 2" eyepiece and all. Be prepaired to re align the focuser with the center objective to get the best out of this scope as even though I replaced the focuser the original was way out of alignment when delivered and I also have seen another member here state the same issue. If you have a laser collomation tool for your current scope it can be used for the ST80. Other than that it's an ok scope for me using it as a "wide field" instrument primarily...lives up to it's reputation for that very well. Best of LucK
  12. SIDO

    Wooden Tripod Legs

    The poor scope mounted on these legs may get no attention at all, Good going Alan...
  13. Nice image, the photo/visual on that conjunction with Pleiades will be a sight to behold for sure. Best of Luck
  14. Excellent, the view last night was awesome too...clouded for days now they say...
  15. SIDO

    Our Cosmic Soup

    Gravitationally it will be a mess though, possible black hole mergers and a healthy exchange of galactic materials and gases. Many orbits of objects on both sides will be altered and collisions will undoubtedly result. Both galaxies will be changed structurally forever...just my guess.

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