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  1. That's a very nice coloured moon, nice and sharp you've got to be very happy with that result indeed
  2. SIDO

    Starting the season!

    Excellent start Avani, Yes a very dynamic planet indeed
  3. SIDO


    Nice catch indeed, semi permanent cloud here...
  4. SIDO

    Kepler exoplanets

    Circumstellar Habitable Zones; 95 to 180 billion habitable planets estimated in the Milky Way some estimates are more conservative, this C&P is from Wiki under CHZ's. If I were attempting to prove life exists elsewhere the Goldie Locks thing is pushing the biggest number of possible places to look. Studies that have attempted to estimate the number of terrestrial planets within the circumstellar habitable zone tend to reflect the availability of scientific data. A 2013 study by Ravi Kumar Kopparapu put ηe, the fraction of stars with planets in the CHZ, at 0.48,[4] meaning that there may be roughly 95–180 billion habitable planets in the Milky Way.[107] However, this is merely a statistical prediction; only a small fraction of these possible planets have yet been discovered.[108] Previous studies have been more conservative. In 2011, Seth Borenstein concluded that there are roughly 500 million habitable planets in the Milky Way.[109] NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory 2011 study, based on observations from the Kepler mission, raised the number somewhat, estimating that about "1.4 to 2.7 percent" of all stars of spectral class F,G, and K are expected to have planets in their CHZs.[110][111]
  5. SIDO

    Sol 14-2-2019 ha

    Best of Luck next time out, thanks for the explanation Ibbo
  6. SIDO

    A fun video in asteroid imaging!

    Very Nice, Enjoyed it...Thanks
  7. Very Nice, one of my favorite AP scenes
  8. SIDO

    Sol 14-2-2019 ha

    Excellent, what am I seeing here, is this purposely edited or darkend to see the proms more clearly. Just curious and am wondering if its camera or editing that gives this effect as this is the first image if this type I have seen.
  9. SIDO

    First proper attempts

    Great Shots, I would only suggest you continue celebrating them
  10. SIDO

    Quick moon shot

    Nice Shot...
  11. SIDO

    Kepler exoplanets

    If I should ever be lucky enough to discover an exoplanet myself I've decided its designation and I will name it "Pulling Teeth"
  12. SIDO

    Very excited 44 year old XT8 owner greetings

    Welcome Cool you've obtained an awesome telescope, I have an 8" dob and like it a bunch. Best of Luck and Clear Skies of course... Freddie...
  13. SIDO

    Kepler exoplanets

    Here are the new exoplanet classifications. These classifications are derived from planets in the Kepler Survey... (<2 R⊕) rocky planets, (2–4 R⊕) water worlds, (4–10 R⊕) transitional planets, and (>10 R⊕ https://www.cfa.harvard.edu/news/su201837 https://m.phys.org/news/2018-09-classification-scheme-exoplanet-sizes.html
  14. SIDO

    Kepler exoplanets

    When replying you did not watch the video I posted or you would have known I posted most of this information already...that's perfectly ok though because some of that wich was contained in the video is now in print for others not willing to follow my posted link and since I only wished to share this info with the OP and others thanks for your help doing that. As long as we are on the same page that's the important thing. I am researching WD1145,017 you called this a minor planet but shouldent it be an exoplanet by primary definition and are you calling them minor and major exoplanets? I did enquire about exoplanet classification and you quoted me, just curious not trying to be problematic or the like

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