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Southern Hemisphere Oriented Orion!

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This was single shot taken with a Samsung S8 (Android) on my father in law's rooftop in Vacoas, Mauritius on April 18th. I was facing East/North East and was mesmerized by seeing Orion "on its side" for a Northern Hemisphere dweller such as my myself.

No processing, just straight from the phone.

The mountain is Corp de Gardes and was 3 miles away. Also visible are Castor and Pollux and I think also Alhena.

I was imaging the Carina nebula when taking this...thanks!


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    • By Corne de Klerk
      Hi Everyone. Hoping you can guide me in the right direction or give some advice. 
      I was given a Celestron Astromaster 70AZ telescope as a gift and have so far managed to locate and view Jupiter with an Android app. 

      I subsequently came across a youtube clip were the guy demonstrated on how to add a DSLR / mobile phone adapter to his telescope as a way to converting his budget telescope to a push / go-to by clipping his mobile phone on top of his telescope and using the star finder app, be able to locate his target and then using his finder scope.  Please note that I am not trying to Astrophotography (yet).
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      This is in no shape or form good enough for a competition but im putting it here anyway :P.This was taken march11 with my Xiaomi Redmi6 and shaky hands held over the eyepiece.

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      SkySafari 6 Plus is great. I particularly like the Scope Control & Observing Lists features.
      There is a bug when adding observing notes ("Observations") to items on your Observing Lists.
      If your last entry in an Observation happens to be a piece of predictive text rather than a keystroke, the whole Observation will look OK on the screen, but it will not be saved.
      It is quite annoying to later refer to an Observation that you carefully entered with  frozen fingers, to find that it does not exist!
      The work-arounds are obvious;
         - Don't use predictive text.
         - If you do, make sure the last character entered in an Observation is any keystroke ( [carriage return] or [space] is fine), not a predicted word.
         - Or you could use pencil & paper, but where's the fun in that?   ?
      SkySafari 6 Plus, version, Android 6.0
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      Hello fellow astronomers!
      I'm an amateur astrophotographer and a student and I made a Polar Alignment app for Android for German equatorial mounts. I kept the UI very simple and easy to use. If you would like to share some feedback, that would be very helpful.
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      I pulled this out of an observation report from last night.

      Just wondering if this is typical behavior or perhaps I'm doing something wrong. Would like to hear other's that have similar experiences and what they did to nail it down.

      Last night, 11/14/2017...
      I decided I’d force myself (one more evening of high tech disappointment) to continue slogging through the change over to the wifi module “sky portal” even though I’m not very happy with several buggy aspects of its use.
      1. battery life for my android is a concern now and necessitates the bringing of my phone charger out to the site. Small pain, extra cord, minor cursing.
      2. I lose (and miss) never having to take my eye off the eyepiece and feeling my way to the slew controls. (This is maybe the deal breaker?)
      3. Having to use my dark adapted eye to look at the android which means it needs to be so dim only my dark adapted eye can see it. Alternatively I can drag the patch back over and use my non-dark adapted eye to watch the eyepiece while I center the object. Big pain here I think.
      4. Dropping the connection to the telescope all the time. This is the largest pain and maybe I can solve it maybe I can’t. If not, I have to seriously admit this is no upgrade.
      5. I’ve noticed that i might be viewing M13 and then decide I’m going for M15 and instead of slewing the small distance, the telescope control now says “go the long way” and heads off north around the compass.
      6. I can see the screen now where the HC sucked since my bad non eye patched eye requires I hold the HC further away than my short arms allow or use a magnifying glass. now android keyboard entry becomes a thing you must do without depth perception. This is because using an eye patch to achieve dark adaptation This will take some getting used to. And I know that voice to text is lame unless you spend some money on it.
      7. You lose the zenith. This is another big deal, in FOCO’s LP’d skies I need every advantage I can get and losing the zenith and gaining having to worry about how close to the zenith an object is rpior to slewing to it, really might be number two most important deal breaker. Easy solution, find an extension cable so the profile of the wifi module is not blocking the star diagonal.
      8. Slew control seems to go off into the wild blue more often then the one sticky button on the hand control. Periodically, when I press one of the telescope attitude control buttons I find it going off full blast and have to press the opposite control to stop it. Which really can't be that good for the gears.
      9. Android must not be put into dark screen mode or placed on the charger until the telescope is done slewing to the target. I've noticed the scope just stopping mid journey because of this. Once you wake the phone up again, the slew continues and you end up at the object you selected. So, power sucking behavior for sure. If your android isn't fully charged prior to the evenings stargazing, you'll be fighting this all night.
      10. You cannot use the HC while you're using the android for telescope control. using the HC scope control buttons tweaks its little mind and you will have to re-align.
      Pros are:
      1. I get to see all the stars I aligned with rather than just two of them the HC shows me. Not that big of a deal, I already knew I was using Capella, Fomalhaut, and Vega tonight.
      2. I get a larger catalog of celestial objects than the HC if I purchase SkySafari Pro. This might be pretty cool. Probably the only reason I'm considering actually fighting this techno-monster. Besides the HC clearly needing an upgrade for the last decade or more, the slim catalog, or I have to start star hopping and using star charts.
      3. Since I’ve made the leap to android instead of traditional paper star charts, perhaps note taking will improve? Only if talk to text works well. Cold weather means less notes for these arthritic hands.
      So I’m not sure about this switch. I'm going to continue using it to delve into the possible pros, but there will have to be definite improvements to the quality of the experience. A number of the cons will need to simply cease to be in order for this to continue.
      Losing the connection frequently significantly reduced the number of objects I was able to view this evening. I tried the wifi module in both modes, it works poorly in both with no discernible difference between either mode in regards to it dropping the connection every five minutes.
      If anyone has had similar experiences  let me know please.

      Particularly if they've been solved, and of course any details along those lines would be much appreciated.
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