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  1. Hi Everyone. Hoping you can guide me in the right direction or give some advice. I was given a Celestron Astromaster 70AZ telescope as a gift and have so far managed to locate and view Jupiter with an Android app. I subsequently came across a youtube clip were the guy demonstrated on how to add a DSLR / mobile phone adapter to his telescope as a way to converting his budget telescope to a push / go-to by clipping his mobile phone on top of his telescope and using the star finder app, be able to locate his target and then using his finder scope. Please note that I am not trying to Astrophotography (yet). However, I am unable to find any mounting clips / mobile phone adapters I can buy to add onto my telescope. Any suggestions or ideas how I can make this work? Below is what I mean on how I want to attach my mobile phone on top of my telescope. Your help will be appreciated! AC South Africa
  2. Hi Everyone. Newbie to stargazing as well. Was given a Celestron Astromaster 70AZ / 70mm refractor telescope as a gift and tried my first stargazing last night. I am based in the southern hemisphere and wanted to view Jupiter which means that it is located high in the sky and thus I had to fully tilt the telescope to point towards the planet. I managed to find Jupiter however when I wanted to show my family, the telescope moved on its own and it took me a couple of minutes to find it again. The question is: Is it the AZ mount that is moving even though I tightened the AZ handle and how can I prevent this? Same suggestion as per the previous discussion? Many thanks!
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