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  1. eshy76

    First Image of 2019: M45

    Thank you Paul - I'm still trying to work out the balance between over and under processing images. I want authenticity as much as possible, but clearly the light touch I used in the first attempt left major background issues. So I was less subtle with DBE (Pixinsight) the second time around!
  2. eshy76

    First Image of 2019: M45

    Thanks Nick - yes probably - that was my last shot before I installed my Lakeside focuser, which is yet to see first light...hopefully focus issues will be a thing of the past soon!
  3. eshy76

    First Image of 2019: M45

    So I gave this another go in terms of processing - more use of DBE...more controlled background. I think I had flats issues too - I committed the cardinal sin of connecting the imaging camera to my USB hub instead of the mini pc as I always have before - I noticed some patterns in the flats that weren't there before. Never change a setup that works if it can be avoided! I think this looks better!
  4. eshy76

    Hello from Sutton, UK

    Thank you RayD and Graeme! RayD - I know, right! The pull of new gear is strong! Graeme - I haven't joined a society yet...but I am super excited by Ewell as they meet up at Nonsuch school, which about 2 minutes drive from our house. Once we have fully settled, I intend to be an active member! Apparently they often observe at Ranmore Common in Guildford, which is Bortle 5...compared to my current 7...I cannot wait!
  5. eshy76

    Hello from Sutton, UK

    Thanks Spaceade...yes I think I came to the same conclusion last night...bitterly cold! But I'm sure new gear fever will strike again soon!
  6. eshy76

    First Image of 2019: M45

    Noted - thank you Olly!
  7. eshy76

    First Image of 2019: M45

    Thank you for the tips Olly - I'll give the 4 corners pointer a try. As well as my STF data, I tried to look at reference images to judge the DBE points and they were mainly on the left of the cluster...maybe that explains the dark patch! I'll check my data again later - I think it was actually pretty clean, so my processing is what probably what needs to be looked at and the initial DBE is a strong potential culprit. I did SCNR green on the RGB data, but when stretching, started to move the channels around - the black points of the R and B channels were off, but I guess the second I start adjusting those, colour balance (I had done PCC earlier too) starts getting messed up? The data is there, though, so I can definitely reprocess to do it full justice - it was refreshing that it was hard to mess up the main cluster no matter what Pixinsight tool I used...so I'm convinced there's a better M45 image in there! Thanks again!
  8. Hi everyone, One and a half clear nights for me early in the year and I focused on M45. As a naked eye visible target, I think subconsciously I never gave M45 the concentration it deserves, thinking I could always catch it another time. Anyway, despite lusting after the Horsehead, I kept my refractor pointed at the seven sisters in new moon skies and the result is below. I actually found it pretty hard to process...the seven sisters themselves were pretty well behaved, but I couldn't decide what to do with the background. I know this is a dusty region so I did not want to put DBE samples everywhere. But at the end the background seems a bit smudgy after tweaking curves - I'm not sure whether to darken the background or leave it as is. 3.4 hours of LRGB integration. Full details on Astrobin. Thanks for looking!
  9. eshy76

    Hello from Sutton, UK

    Thank you John...those Southern skies are something else....some mouthwatering DSOs!
  10. eshy76

    Hello from Sutton, UK

    Thank you all very much for the kind welcome. I'm very much an imager, but I do like observing as well. With the one scope, though, I tend to prioritise getting exposures for now...hmm maybe I should get a Dob to observe with while my refractor is on imaging duty...one to ponder for the future!
  11. eshy76

    Hello from Sutton, UK

    Thank you Des, Charic, Michael and Gordon!
  12. eshy76

    Hello from Sutton, UK

    Thank you everyone for the warm words! Carole - I'm actually loving the skies! That Orion picture was taken in Tooting, South West London, in a communal area surrounded by streetlights. And I think it was Bortle 8-9 to begin with. In Sutton, at least where I am, the skies are definitely less red in hue...more of a dark blue to black and I can definitely see more than the main asterisms when I look up. Already I've had a couple of nice images too...I think the skies would correspond to a Bortle 7-ish, but without a meter, can't say for sure. But an improvement. I did image in Mauritius earlier this year (got a Rho Ophiuci image on Astrobin), which was Bortle 5...the data seemed to process itself....dark skies are good. AKB - sorry - Sutton, Surrey that would be, kind of equidistant between Sutton and Cheam! I've lived in London pretty much all my life, so I still need to work out the new designations - it's the London Borough of Sutton, but generally people seem to refer to it as being in Surrey... Davey-T....yes....alas - the perfectionist in me demands it! I started with the DSLR (Sony a6500), which did pretty well (especially when I added the MGen) and I learned the ropes of polar alignment, data acquisition, calibration frames etc...probably for about 6 months. It was when I moved to an ASI1600MM-Pro that the costs ballooned after that! My final indulgence fitted to my scope last night, was a Lakeside focuser. That should be it for now...though a premium mount (did someone say 10micron?) lies in my future....let's renovate the house first and see if I have any cash left....
  13. eshy76

    Hello from Sutton, UK

    Hi everyone - I can't believe I missed this part of the forum...I am technically 30 posts in on the site, but hopefully still new enough to count for this thread! But hello! I live in Sutton, having just moved to a house with a garden after 10 years in a flat in Tooting Bec...being able to come inside now once my imaging equipment has been set up is so nice! I am an imager almost exclusively at the moment and have been into this hobby for a year. I love this so much that I used to lug all my equipment into the communal garden at night when living in the flat, light pollution and all! It was this image, with a DSLR, old school Skytracker and tripod back in March 2018 that pushed me to start upgrading my equipment...when this came out of the computer, I thought...yes I can do this....and I haven't looked back! Thanks to everyone I've already come across here who have been incredibly kind and helpful!
  14. eshy76

    Sony A7 help & advice please

    Hi there - that's a really good image - nice widefield too! I don't have an A7 but I did start a year ago with an A6500 which is probably not dissimilar to the A7 except being an APS-C camera. Firstly I would say you can definitely use this camera for astrophotography! If you look my Astrobin link in my signature, the photos from Andromeda and before are all with the Sony. On calibration: Flats: Need to be at the same ISO, same orientation and same focus as your lights - and it is crucial they are done on the same night as your lights. The idea of flats is to remove dust specs and other blemishes (as well as vignetting) from your imaging train from the lights - so if you change anything before taking the flats, you'll probably have a different dust configuration on your lens, etc and the flats won't match! I use an illuminated tracing pad for my flats, but also have used the white t-shirt in front of a white word document. As long as the histogram is about half way or slightly less, it works fine. Darks and biases are straightforward - for darks, you need the same ISO IIRC but definitely the ambient temp to be similar to your lights...so ASAP after imaging. Focus is not important here, you can actually do this with the sensor cap alone - make sure the length of the darks are the same as the lights. And keep the camera in a bag or dark room to minimise light bleed. Biases are super simple - cover the lens/scope or use a sensor cap. Go to the shortest exposure length possible (on mine was 1/4000) and take multiple shots. Temp is important here too. I tended to aim for 25-30 of each type of calibration frame which worked well for my camera. Time consuming with the darks, but worth it. You should be able to toss all those into DSS and come up with a nice image. PI's batch preprocessing script should also work too! It will definitely have a bayer matrix. I paired the a6500 up with a cheap intervalometer and it worked really well...the limiting factor will be when eventually you want to move to computer based image acquisition - the Sonys don't play well with software due to lack of USB tethering support from Sony. I eventually moved to mono + filters, but you can definitely have great success with the A7, I'm sure! If you get yours modded to be more receptive to Ha, that would be cool - that was one of the reasons I ultimately moved to another camera. Hope this helps!
  15. eshy76

    I "Heart" Astrophotography! IC1805

    Hey Roland - thank you for the feedback! I'm struggling at the early stages of narrowband imaging, because it is not "real" colour...unlike LRGB, there is no definitive reference for me as to what the end should look like...which leads me to torture the data - I can see exactly what you mean by some of it looking painted on! The image popped up in my Lightroom library after Pixinsight processing and I couldn't resist the urge to play a bit more with it in Lightroom's develop settings...that is probably where things took a much worse turn! PI is all about masking and selective processing...whoops! I will return to this once I have had a go at processing M45! What is the best way to share the raw files?

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