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Emergency repairs


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Just in case it is needed by anyone, I will be bringing a small tool kit with me including soldering and crimp tools, a test meter, continuity tester etc. I can't promise to fix all your tech. problems but suitable test and repair kit is always a good start!

I will be on pitch 21 (Kingfisher) unless Lucksall have to change this because of ground conditions.

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25 minutes ago, Stu said:

Given the forecast, will you be offering tent repairs too Steve?? ;) ;)

Oh yes, I always have a roll of Sellotape and some cable ties handy - would they help? ? You see, this is why I have a caravan ......... ?  .... although apparently, I will be towing the darn thing through a storm ?

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Ill have a few tools as well, will be soldering pretty much all weekend anyway (long story).

Will also have lots of duct tape and silicon sealant too ?

Ill dig through my cable bin tonight as well and try to carry some spare USB leads and 12v adapters.

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Given the forecast, I’m actually thinking of bringing my tools with me so that I can spend some time doing a few of the many repairs/improvements which I never get time to do at home.

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