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  1. cjdawson

    Replacement part for my Meade mount (3D printed)

    I bet you can center that hole better on your next print. Did you print the hole as a 5mm hole, then use the drill to simply widen the existing hole?
  2. cjdawson

    ZWO Peltier Cooler

    @John78 I hear you about having a proper cooled camera. I already considered doing that and maybe one day, I'll have the pennies for a an ASI1600 or better. Right now however, I have to do the best with what I have. Frankly, I think that even the 12 degree drop that I've achieved so far is good enough to be able to run the camera for real at 0C. It'll be interesting for me to fire up the camera and see what that actually translates to on the camera's temp sensor.
  3. cjdawson

    ZWO Peltier Cooler

    I have sharpcap, but I'm using Sequence Generator Pro for my deep sky work. Some of your comments are very useful to me... Here's my thoughts. 1. I've not checked this out yet. Just been doing some starting tests, on this to make sure that it's good to go. 2. Still working on this bit. I'm trying to tweak my setup to make it work better. 3. I'd thought about this as well. Would be great to be able to control where the cold is better to stop it going through to the filter wheel. I'm sure that will help to make the setup work better overall.
  4. cjdawson

    ZWO Peltier Cooler

    I'm down to 7.5C now, that's down from 20.2C. That's a good improvement. I'm thinking of adding another EPDM rubber sheet, to add to help with the insulation.
  5. cjdawson

    Zwo Peltier cooler

    definatly some good progress here. Maybe s little more dialling in to get lower. I’m thinking about adding another epdm gasket
  6. cjdawson

    ZWO Peltier Cooler

    Here’s a progress update. When I got home from work, I switched out the peltier module with the 40mm one. Also I double checked that the paste below the block was ok - I wasn’t happy with it, so added some more. When I reinserted, I double checked that the block wasn’t touching the main part. Hooked everything up and put it on the telescope for a quick test. Set it going starting temp was 23.xC. Went to feed my cat. When I came back the temp was dropping much much faster and was already down to about 15C. I had to go out this evening, so stopped the test at 12.8C Looks like I have a result. Will do a full test when I get home to see just how far this will go. Looks very very promising at first quick 5 min ish test. With any luck it’ll hit 0C and maintain a stable temp. I am planning on using this as a Deep Sky setup. So I’m not fussed about getting to -20, just that can I get to a reasonable stable repeatable temperature. This will make sure that the camera gives a consistent performance. -3C is more than enough for my need. I’ll do a full test later this evening.
  7. cjdawson

    ZWO Peltier Cooler

    So if I don't need to control the temperature, why bother with any of it at all? If I didn't need to control it, it wouldn't need any modification. I'm not overthinking things at all. In fact. if you want to argue with anyone about the design, you are better off starting a new thread and discussing the overall design aspects there. I'm not interested in redesigning this project. I simply want to get it working well enough to not be a complete waste of time, effort and energy (both in contruction and usage) So far. I've managed to get a 7 degree drop from ambient temp. What I'm looking to achieve is getting the temp down from 20C to 0C. So far I've managed about 13.1C So things are going in the right direction. I'm very sure that the difference between what I've been getting and what I'm desiring (which should be possible as the demo video shows a drop from 23.8C to 1.5C) My testing is starting at around 20C, and I'm looking to get to the same 1.5C or 0C. Mind you there is a difference in the testing as I have my camera mounted on the OTA at the moment. To remove variables, I think I'll try removing the camera from the scope and proping it on a jar. Whilst this may not help in a real world application it does allow me to replicate the test conditions better. In the Real world application, the starting temp is going to be lower than 20C for most of the year anyways.
  8. cjdawson

    ZWO Peltier Cooler

    The temperature sensor is there to provide a mechanism for turning the cooler on an off. If it's not there, there will be no control of the peltier at all, and whilst this may be what you desire, I want to cool to a given temp, which is both achievable and repeatable. I'm not looking to get -20C what I'm looking to do is get something that I can readily achieve, so that I can create a lower the thermal currents. Gain some control over the camera temp allowing me to create a reusable dark library.
  9. cjdawson

    ZWO Peltier Cooler

    My new TEC1-12703 has arrived. when I clicked on your link I was pleasently surprised to see that it said that's the one I purchased. I think the fundimental reason is that the TES1 module that I was using is not good enough. It does work, and I get several degreess of temp drop. So it's working, just not working as well as has been seen by others. The reason for the plate between the TEC and the camera is that the plate provides a place for the temp sensor to be plugged in. It also provided a place for the cold finger to screw into. hmmm, this does give me a thought, maybe that cold finger - the copper threaded rod is causing a slight air gap or something if the threaded didn't line up 100% just thinking out loud, it's something to add to the items to check list. I used the templates that you provided and got them laser cut When I made the gasket, I did notice that there is a gap between the mounting plate and the bigger plate for the cpu cooler to attach. I figured that this gap was important as it's what lets the cold from the TEC go through to the camera. I did make sure that this is centralised and doesn't touch the main plate at all. The EDPM rubber keeps it away without any problems. I'm thinking of adding some neoprene or maybe some more rubber to build up the insulation around the cold block, It wouldn't surprise me if some cold is escaping to the air instead of being transferred through to the camera. Actually this is one of the reasons why I'm changing from a 30mm TES to a 40mm TEC. The extra 10mm should help to insulate that block from the air by lowering the exposed surface area.
  10. cjdawson

    ZWO Peltier Cooler

    Down to 13.6, that change made a huge difference. to answer the other questioms, yes there’s heatsink compound everywhere. I’m still thinking about moving the peltier closer to the camera. My thought here is to get a couple of 3mm Alu plates. Or maybe a 2mm and a 4mm. The 2 would be cold side.
  11. cjdawson

    ZWO Peltier Cooler

    I’ve just remounted the box away from the cpu cooler. That’s made a difference, I’m seeing 15.9 and still dropping. Going to see how far it goes
  12. cjdawson

    ZWO Peltier Cooler

    Nope it’s +17.5 not very good at all. Hence why I’ll be changing the peltier module That makes sense. I should be able to do that without much effort. Yep, that’s why I decided to order the 40mm module, figured it’s wasted potential cooling surface
  13. cjdawson

    ZWO Peltier Cooler

    It's been running for a while now, but it's not cooling very fast, it's down to about 17.5 now. I wonder if this is something to do with the TES1-12704 peltier module, or maybe the thicker aluminium block. Maybe it's because my peltier module is only 30mm across. If I can find one that's 40mm maybe that'll cool the alu block better.
  14. cjdawson

    ZWO Peltier Cooler

    its alive!!!!!!!! got if doing the first test run right now. Starting temp was 21.6, so it’s headed in the right direction.
  15. cjdawson

    Flame Nebula - my first time

    that's an excellent first attempt. Keep going, looks like your over the worse part

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