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  1. SGL 2018 SP Bookings

    AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH I've gotta wait until payday. But will be booking the full week - fri-fri.
  2. There's a hub thingy in the ascom drivers. Bascially what you need to do is connect all the software to that hub, then the hub connects to the scope. That way, you can have multiple programs interacting with the mount at the same time without having to fight for the com port. I think that's what's happening to you.
  3. WiFi - need more signal.

    I installed a Ubiquity Access Point into a club last year. Bottom line response from the club members is that it's a universal thumbs up. The coverage inside the old 14th century building is exactly the coverage that I thought we'd get. Bascially it works through all the member areas, upstairs and downstairs too. (that's through a floor for one part of the club) Ok granted that the signal dies when it tries to penetrate the 4ft thick stone walls, but that was expected. I'm sure that you'll be more than happy with it.
  4. WiFi - need more signal.

    Yep. It's really that simple. Here's the gotcha's - Turn off DHCP, other wise you'll have two DHCP servers on your network and everything will fight. Make sure that you use only the block of ethernet ports on the back. If you have a single seperate WAN port, don't plug anything into it. Make sure that your wireless networks are on different channels. You can use the same SSID, you'll have to use the same password and your devices will choose the device they want. This is how mobile phone towers work. Here's why. The WAN port is on one side of an "ethernet bridge" the other ports are all on the other side. The other ports are connected together using a switch, which includes the Wireless radio gear. So they can all talk to each other.
  5. 2018 Quiz

    *puts head in hands and starts to shake slowly*
  6. 2018 Quiz

    Nope, try again. Chocolate bars don't count as "Stars" they're satellites, or at a stretch one is a planet, unless it gets reclassified.
  7. I splashed out on a ZWO camera and filter wheel.
  8. Just a quick update, sky safari 6 just came out with a big discount on the iOS version (it’s an xmas discount)
  9. Worst Astro Image Ever? - SOLVED!

    That's not the worst image ever. I've got one of M42, with all the things you reported, bad focus and tracking errors in both Alt and Az. Now that makes for a freaky image.
  10. can you believe this !!!

    I'm sure that I put it together correctly. The problem was the cheap plastic covers wouldn't stay on. Tasco was never an OK brand. I think they had the rejects from Celestron.
  11. for a tenner. I'd say give it a go. Have used stuff like that in my car. So I don't see why it won't work on your scope.
  12. can you believe this !!!

    This reminds me of the first scope that I had access too Tasco 114. £199.99 from argos. It went back after a week as it started falling apart. btw, Celestron did a 114 that looked identical.
  13. The approach that I'd take for this is to use use a laptop and astro camera setup. You can then have run something like sharpcap to display the images and update regularly. (even longer exposures) For power, the simple solution is to run the laptop from 12v which can be plugged into a power bank, lesuire battery, etc. The advantage of this setup as others already said is that you can run a projector. also if you want to get really complicated, there's nothing stopping you from connecting the laptop to a network and having another computer remote control (I use remote desktop for this). This would mean you could have the telescope setup outside, and give a presentation inside where it's warmer. Lots of flexibility, but also increases the complexity too.
  14. 2018 Quiz

    1. Because the world is flat 2. Because Aliens came down and put a probe where the sun doesn't shine. 3 - 10. If you believe 1 or 2, you should believe everything that everyone wrote down ever.
  15. 2018 Quiz

    A very vague guess that's so vague is could mean anything?