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  1. My finger isn't tired yet. Only 3 more sleeps, or a million page refreshes.
  2. 10 more sleeps till I can book. YAY!
  3. Already got my browser opened and am hitting the refresh button... just in case
  4. No. @rockystar isn't competely off the hook. I'm sure it'll be a case of "sure, go play telescopes", then silently "and you'd better do something special on tuesday...
  5. I think semtex was involved.
  6. That's a great design. If I was going to remake my power box, I'd be looking at something like this. It looks like it's not too big. - which is something that I admit is an issue with mine.
  7. The thing that you need to remember with polar scopes, is that they need to be properly centered as well. I'm not sure how to do this on a given mount, but it's worth looking up and doing it. In addition, the position of polaris changes based on the hour angle. there are apps that can help determine this for you. Once these two things are done right, it should help to get your fairly close in your polar alignment.
  8. This will be my 3rd SGL. It's a nice relaxed party. The important thing is to observe the red light rules if it's clear. But, people are not generally nasty about it. Actually, I've found the experience to be the exact opposite - people are tolerant, and helpful to getting you sorted so that you get the best night vision
  9. I'll be quite happy to do a talk on my Telescope setup. Including some of the history of how I've got to the stage where I am now. Could be quite interesting for beginners, as it'll show some of the pitfalls that I feel into in the 15 years that I've been doing it.
  10. It was lovely and warm in my caravan for the week of the last SGL. Very foggy week, managed to get a couple of observing sessions together.
  11. Any news on the booking stuff yet?
  12. Just one thing that you might consider. Add a couple of sheets of tracing paper to in front of the EL Panel, to act as a diffuser, that will give you are slightly more even light covering than with the panel alone.
  13. I like that idea. I'd like to put my forum name, and my calling name on it. I.e. calling name: Colin forum name: cjdawson
  14. I'm wondering if rather than sticky labels, it would be a worthwhile doing something else for badges. I'm now thinking about making up an A4 sign that I can put in my caravan window or somewhere else that's easy to see. Maybe even putting up a few.
  15. There are several good options for connectors (some better than others)... 1. XLR connectors - these have 3 pole, can have more, (5, 7 or more, but always odd number) They have locking mechanisms and won't fall out. 2. 12v cigarette - these work with cars, caravans, motor homes, lots of battery packs. But they can fall out due to the spring loaded tip. 3. 12v cigarette Marine version. similar and compatible with no.2, however these have tabs that come out and lock the plug into place. The plugs will work in the non locking sockets, too. 4. Phono plugs - These provide a decent connection, they don't lock however. You won't get short circuit problems from them. These are normally used for dew strips. 5. DC plugs - you can get the locking type. 6. XTC60 - these are used by modellers for high power applications. One way socket, reverse poliarity won't happen. 7. Deans Marine connector - similar to the XTC60. 8. Tamyila connector - locking connector can only plug in one way round.