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My first attempt at M57.  I attempted to capture the extended halo by gathering some OIII and Ha data and then blending these into Blue and Red channels, respectively of an LRGB image.  The image below represents about 21 hours and was taken with my Esprit 150.



LIGHTS: L:13, R:13,G:8. B: 10 x 600s; Ha:13, OIII:14 x 1800s. DARKS:30, BIAS:100, FLATS:40 all at -20C.

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4 hours ago, iansmith said:

Great image. You've done a good job on blending the bright ring with its dimmer outer halos.

Cheers, Ian

Thanks for the comment Ian.  Yes, I was quite pleased how well the outer halo came out. :happy11:

Having looked at the image for a while, I now believe that the image looks a little better full frame - see below.



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