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  1. My setup is: Laptop connected to Celestron CG5 GT mount via RS323 COM adaptor (goes to the Nexstar+ hand controller). The laptop has PHD2, Astrophotography Tool (https://astrobackyard.com/astro-photography-tool/) (this allows me to connect a DSLR, control the camera settings, view images, etc) and Carte du Ciel. The mount is ASCOM compliant so I have that installed which connects everything up. Microsoft Remote Desktop app on my tablet. This connects via my home wifi intranet to the laptop So, my choices are to sit outside (shed observatory) with the laptop , controlling everything or sitting indoors with the tablet, checking what is going on. The optimum for me at the moment is to get everything connected and tracking via the laptop directly, then just monitor via the tablet.
  2. Yet another Markarian's Chain image. I tried to ' dither' between shots (with the camera, that is, as opposed to me dithering) for the first time ever, but the tie it takes to dither meant that I lost 30 minutes of images, so this is based on around 80 mins (180 s exposures at iso 1600). The Astrometry images shows why this is an amazing sight in the sky - how many civilisations are there in those galaxies?
  3. That's really interesting to know. I haven't tried dithering before. I shall take your advice! Thank you.
  4. This is the image after being treated with HLVG (Hasta La Vista Green - free plugin for Photoshop). ED80, 180s x 19, darks, flats and bias
  5. I shall endeavour to follow your advice. Thank you for the comments
  6. This is my first image with a Canon 500D, modified for astro. Seems to be a big improvement on my unmodded NikonD5300. I guess its not the best subject for increased sensitivity though. I think some of the tidal structures are showing? And this shows what else is present....
  7. Your image compares VERY favourably with this one https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap090515.html. I shall have to try this with my ED80 if the clouds ever clear for more than an hour !
  8. Space is big.... what a great illustration! Lovely image
  9. Very beautiful cluster. Presumably a lot of the young stars are hidden by what looks to be extensive dust. What is the dust comprised of I wonder?
  10. It's a lovely picture of a beautiful cluster. Going from your figures, we are looking at around 3375 cubic light years , containing around 1000 stars... as ever, my mind struggles!
  11. Around 10 to the power 15 times the mass of the Sun, all in one shot... What a wonderful image!!
  12. That's a fabulous image. I am in the process of getting my hands on a Canon 500d to mod for A, so particularly interesting to see you have used a molded canon plus filters.
  13. Interesting targets. There is an image here https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap100702.html showing the connection between the two galaxies as they spiral around each other. Eventually they will merge.
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