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Unboxing some clouds


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I knew there was a reason the weather was forecast to change tomorrow :(

I was a little alarmed early this afternoon when DPD delivered this, courtesy of some expenses payments that I'd completely forgotten about:


But fortunately this time I needn't have worried as carefully packaged inside two more cardboard boxes and safe from damage was this:


This is the 72mm version of the TS Photoline OTA.






First impressions are that it's a very nicely made piece of hardware.  It feels heavier than one might initially expect and exudes an air of robustness and capability.  The dual speed R&P focuser is very smooth and the designers clearly went way over the top with the baffles.  Very nice to have machined clamps rather than cast ones, too.  Without actually having looked through it, so far I'm quite impressed.

The plan is to have this (with a tripod, Star Adventurer, DSLR a few lenses and a flattener) accompany us on holiday this year, but first I must get it set up and tested out.  I need to sort a few other things too, such as how I'm going to power the SA and what I want to do about a finder.


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Congratulations, you will really enjoy this scope. The build quality is excellent as you say and a few hours ago mine had its first proper test on the moon, using Baader zoom and the Barlow it really performed well. Definitely worth the extra pennies. 

I added a Baader skysurfer 3 onto mine using the offset bracket and a bolt from an old tripod! Will try and find time to post some pics tomorrow, er today now looking at the time! 

I also bought mine for travel purposes but also as part of a rapid grab n go set up.

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Nice one James. I really like mine. Mechanically it’s very good - very smooth focuser, no need for an upgrade ?

I use mine for widefield views and it’s been great. 

For the finder I bought one of the recommended vixen style bases from telescope express and it’s easy now to attach a vixen style finder. I switched the dovetail bar to the other way round and put the focuser knobs at the top so that it can mount I quite far back - otherwise balancing with heavier kit is tricky.

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