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  1. I’ve just seen this topic. Given it’s been years in development I had basically given up on using my iPhone only with my az gti and sky safari in WiFi mode. However, I was out last night and decided to give the synscanlink setting a try with my iPhone. And it worked perfectly! I set up alignment with SynScan as normal, then opened SkySafari and connected to the scope and that was it. Great result!
  2. Chris, Probably easiest to send me a private message (pm) and then I can answer questions etc directly to you. Gavin
  3. Hi Chris I purchased the scope in 2013 and yes it has the latest dual speed Starlight focuser (which is very nice )
  4. Ok, thanks for the update. Yes portability was a key factor for me, I really like the ability to use the Baader on my Az gti mount whereas even the Tak fc100df struggled a bit on this mount (and hence got sold!) Regarding cool down of my 160mm Tec, yes it does seem pretty quick, I think this is a characteristic of oil spaced refractors.
  5. Hi Space hopper, I was out using my Baader 95mm scope last week and thought how unusual (and nice) this scope is. Since it’s been over a year, I wondered whether you got one from Baader by now?
  6. After a fair bit of thought, I’ve decided to sell the first refractor I ever owned, this tv85 which was bought new by me from Widescreen Centre. It is in perfect condition with no marks and comes with the full accessories (clamp, 2 inch Televue everbright diagonal, 2 to 1.25 adapter, 20mm Televue plossl) and also the Televue starbeam diagonal and an adm vixen dovetail. Price for everything is £1475 which is 50% of the current new price.
  7. Mark, Thank you for posting this. And I’m delighted that it’s giving you great results. After seeing your success, I’ve copied you! My double stack 70mm Solarscope filters arrived today. Here they are mounted to my tv76 and next to my double stack Lunt. The skywatcher solarquest copes with the heavier load fine which is good news..now I just need some sun.
  8. Here's an update on the current position of Night Vision Astronomy (or NV as frequently referred to in this thread) The biggest news is probably that earlier this year Televue launched a full night vision proposition including the night vision monoculars themselves as shown on this link http://televue.com/engine/TV3b_page.asp?id=36 This has prompted a surge in interest in NV in the USA and there are now around 100 users of NV astro gear in the States. As a result, this week CloudyNights has launched a specialist "Night Vision Astronomy" section on its forum (in the Equipment section) and therefore has separated NV completely away from the EAA section in which most NV posts were previously made. CN has recognised that NV is very different in its practical use than EAA, in particular being much more similar to traditional glass eyepiece observing in feel, and has little cross-pollination of ideas with EAA users. Unfortunately the Televue system is not available to non-USA observers due to US law, although the various adapters can be separately purchased by UK residents which I what I did. For European residents who wish to purchase night vision astronomy kit, the best place is probably a new French company that specialises in night vision astronomy as per the link below: https://www.ovni-nightvision.com/en/ The UK dealer for ovni is astrograph.net. This european option is more expensive than the US products (as so often is the case), but ovni do also sell second-hand units which are considerably lower cost. I purchased my first NV monocular in late 2017 and it has been by far the best astro purchase I have made. For an indication of what night vision astronomy is like, here are some previous posts I have made. Unfortunately, since the EEVA section was setup 15 months ago there have been very few night vision astro posts on SGL.
  9. In lockdown on the Isle of Wight , Mark. The tv85 was my first refractor and I’ve had some great observing sessions with it including one particularly memorable one in Tenerife.
  10. A new acquisition this month, a Takahashi FSQ130-ED, slotting into my existing refractors From right to left: TEC160FL, Astro-Physics 130GTX, Takahashi FSQ130-ED, William Optics 103mm Pegasus Binoscope, Astro-Physics 92mm Stowaway, Baader 95mm Travel Companion, Takahashi FSQ85-ED, Altair 72mm EDF, Altair 60mm EDF
  11. Here’s the solution posted by Yuri - seems straightforward and worked for the person whose rings got stuck
  12. It’s just a carry handle so you can use two hands. I have to say I don’t use it since the scope is surprisingly light to handle but I think the captain’s wheel looks
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. As mine is fine at the moment, I think I’ll leave it. If I ever get any issues I’ll probably install felt on the rings. More gratuitous pics you say?
  14. I’m a member of the TEC mailing group and a slightly odd query cropped up today. A poster mentioned that the tube rings on his TEC140 had effectively become ‘glued’ to the ota and couldn’t be removed. He wanted some advice on how to de-attach them. Yuri replied that he had only seen this once before in 800 scopes and he would provide some instructions to remove it (he didn’t say what they were). Another poster then stated that he also had had this issue and the only way he had managed to remove them was by giving the ota a good whack - not something I’d like to do! He also said the issue was worse when the tube rings had not been moved for a while so he now undid them every few months. When I got home this evening, I thought I’d check my TEC rings and to my surprise they had become pretty stuck. However, I managed to gently ease them off with no issues. On inspection, the padding inside the rings isn’t the usual felt but instead a sort of rubber that I can see could go a bit sticky over time. So I’m now going to undo my tube rings every now and then as a precaution. Gratuitous photo of my TEC160FL with the rings off this evening
  15. So just to clarify, I think you now have attached the adapter with 3 small screws rather than 4 and you use the resulting spare hole to attach the adm dovetail clamp with a longer screw you had available. This allows you to get the adm clamp level with the sensor since in the original setup it was 45 degrees out? Is that right?
  16. Isn’t that only for small adjustments?
  17. Hmmm, I tried fitting this to my solarquest mount a few months ago. However I hit an issue which was that az gti adapter puts the scope at a different angle to the solar sensor so that the when the solar sensor had found the sun, the scope was pointing at entirely the wrong place. From your last photo it appears this may also be the case with your mount? I even took the mount apart to try to adjust the angle of the solar sensor but no joy. Did I make a school boy error? (quite possible!)
  18. Thanks John. Delighted that you are pleased with the T-Rex (I was very confident ). Complete setup looks great and good that your enjoyment of the 130mm is increased. I look forward to reading your future reports.
  19. Enjoyable catchup with several friends and retailers. Here’s the night vision contingent with David Nagler
  20. If there are other Uk nv astro users they are hiding well
  21. 75% of the UK night vision users (ie 3 of us) are meeting up on Saturday afternoon at astrofest. I’ll be getting some more adapters for my kit from Televue. There may be a night vision monocular to have a look at if anyone wants to see one.
  22. Now available from a UK dealer http://astrograph.net/epages/www_astrograph_net.mobile/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/www_astrograph_net/Categories/Shop/Night_Vision
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