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David Levi    135

Despite going to the Brecon Beacons on the occasion of the Perseid meteor shower, like @Pig I ended up taking advantage of the dark skies by doing more observing than meteor watching. I did see a couple of fireballs with superb smoking trails but in general the meteors were less frequent than I was expecting. The wrong night perhaps. Friday/Saturday would have been better if the weather had been better.

I went to the Brecon Beacons visitor centre by Libanus. I've been there a couple of times before but this was the first time that I was there other than with just an observing friend. There were quite a few people present and I have to say that it was difficult to concentrate with so many people around enjoying themselves when my normal back garden session is a quiet contemplative affair.

I did see the Lagoon Nebula for the first time and the Milkyway was brilliant straight across the middle of the sky.

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kerrylewis    1,329

Same as Shaun - not clear here until after the moon was up so I decided not to set up the scope and concentrated on meteors. Saw about a dozen in all I suppose though at least two were not Perseids. Two very bright ones which easily overcame the moon and left smokey wavy trails. All the Perseids were very quick and some very short near the radiant. 

Meteor watching is a funny business is it not? You sit there with nothing happening expecting to be gobsmacked at any moment and if you're not, wondering if it's time to give up - then there's another one! Then you start wondering if you are looking at the right patch of sky. Should you stick with the area where you saw the last one or try another bit? If you move will you miss the best one of the night? The radiant is not the best place to look, of course, and some of the best will be well away from it- the moon helped the decision last night but in a  garden with various obstacles like mine, there is always the thought that you might be missing the best ones. 

'That's a good one though! Time for a whisky' 🥃

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johnfosteruk    4,797

I was out at a society observing/outreach session last night. It was a good dark site at Wembury Beach car park up the coast and there were plenty. I only caught about half a dozen and not one single image as I was busy observing/showing off some favourites in the scope to the public but one lad of 10 years old bagged 23!!

One of the ones I bagged was really bright in the NW just before 2am. Trail remained visible for about 10 seconds, even in the moonlight - stunning.

My own report to follow, had a really good night.

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RichLD    641

I always tend to spot them when I'm not staring - sort of like averted vision. Saw a couple of Perseids from my back garden before the moon got too high which was nice - I abandoned my usual Dark Peak location due to it being extremely busy, possibly due to the media attention given to the shower. Stargazing is indeed a contemplative affair for me also!

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Special K    897

Hi, I bagged 8 Perseid Meteors in about the space of 2 hours in fairly light polluted Sorrento last night. This was at about 2:30 to 4:30. 2 dim ones in Auriga, 2 in Taurus, 1 in Aries and 4 short bright ones in Orion all heading towards Rigel.  Nice sights off the balcony of the room being all bundled up in pool towels to keep warm!!!

Some of the distractions during the session were counting the visible Pleiades (6) and getting a good look at Venus in bins. Orion is coming around again which is nice.  Sadly no visible Milky Way down here near town but it's nice all the same :) 

Edited by Special K

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