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Sol WL 05-05-17


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Haven't had the opportunity for Sol for over a week, so I was glad that despite the fast moving cloud and 30mph gusts there were some reasonable sized blue bits and calm periods around lunchtime, they even happened at the same time here and there!!! Just a shame there's not much happening but an observation is an observation and an image is an image or some such statement of the obvious.

2655 looks like it could be interesting if it develops

25 frames @ 1/4000s ISO 100 - Pipp>Registax>IMPPG>Photoshop.



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Photoshop Pete.  

I used the plus button in history to make a duplicate image. Reduced it to I think 40% size and copied the sections I wanted from the full size. Pasted onto the smaller image  

Then select >edit >stroke around the four squares, 1px, white. 

Then line tool to join the small corners to the big corners so to speak and the trick here is in layers put your lines in between the background layer and the top layer with the 'blowups'

'ere your name's changed!!!!

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Thanks for the info John, it's a really effective presentation the spots jump out at you when viewed. 

Yes I have left "bunnygod" behind for astronomy purposes I have been thinking of it for a while. I thought if I decide to upload/share images elsewhere it would make sense to use my real name :icon_biggrin:

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