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Sketching help needed


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Hello Nova

I tend to draw at the scope using normal sheets of printing paper (you can get these in bulk at Tesco`s, etc)I record all the details and this becomes my first copy.

Once indoors i re draw a more neater and tidier version on cartridge paper using various grades of HB pencil. A good quality eraser is also needed along with eraser putty for any mistakes made. A pencil eraser is also a useful tool to have too. I also use paper stumps for blending.

Hope this helps 


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Hi Nova:

I've started trying to get into this a bit myself, more as a way of sharpening my observing and attention to detail (I can't draw). The kit list I've put together is:

* A pad of drawing paper

* Drawing pencils (mostly harder ones). Just standard graphite ones.

* Erasers and sharpener

* Blending stumps

* Some of light (a dim red light if you are planning on sketching DSOs).

Other recommended kit that I have but use less often:

* Putty eraser

* Eraser template

Hope this helps.


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Hi Nova all great advise above I personally use a A5 notepad with thick white paper and here's a picture of the equipment I use.

For DSOs I usually start of by sketching the brighter stars then move my way down to the dimmest on my open cluster sketches.

For Nebula and globula clusters best to start at the object in the centre then work your way out.

Sketching is great for improving your observational skills not to mention the enjoyment of every object you view.

I hope this helps any questions please ask ☺

Clear skies ?✨???



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43 minutes ago, Nova2000 said:

It was time I get into serious observation with sketching and enjoying the view. One thing I feel is a sketch is a good way to show your friends what you see through the scope :)


I look forward to seeing your sketches if you decide to post them on here :)

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Sketching is a really rewarding activity, it's a true investment of efforts but it's worth it at the end. Those are they things I use:

Regular bond basic office paper, 2 Steadtler mechanical MARS-780 Yellow tip is 4H and Orange tip is H, one Pentel P207 0.7mm HB mechanical pencil (with the small but good quality eraser on it) and a 3B Steadtler Mars Lumograph. The most important thing is courage.

--> Sketching can make you happy.



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