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    Visual observing and sketching the planets, watching both the new and classic episodes of Doctor Who. I enjoy reading astronomy books, especially by Patrick Moore and I like to collect old 70s and 80s books. My other interest is gardening.
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  1. I look forward to seeing your sketches if you decide to post them on here
  2. Hello Nova I tend to draw at the scope using normal sheets of printing paper (you can get these in bulk at Tesco`s, etc)I record all the details and this becomes my first copy. Once indoors i re draw a more neater and tidier version on cartridge paper using various grades of HB pencil. A good quality eraser is also needed along with eraser putty for any mistakes made. A pencil eraser is also a useful tool to have too. I also use paper stumps for blending. Hope this helps
  3. Thank you astro. You do not need any artistic skills to draw the lunar features, but I would practise copying photographs of craters first and when you feel confident enough I would venture outside with your scope and have a go. You will amaze yourself.
  4. Lovely sketch Mike. I like all the detail you capture
  5. This was a rare thing for me these days but I actually stayed up late! the evening had been very cloudy but the forecast was for clear skies by midnight and sure enough in the early hours of Wednesday morning I was outside with my scope. The only drawback is that because my dobsonian is sat low then objects that are still high will soon disappear behind a fence and this what happened here. I could have spent a lot longer on this sketch but my fence put an end to that. I will return to Archimedes again some time and have another go at sketching this crater. I was really enjoying this observing session as well.
  6. Nice sketch Mike. I had a look at Jupiter the other night but was too tired to even begin a sketch myself, after observing the Moon.
  7. Hi, this is my first sketch to be posted here on SGL and is the Playfair lunar crater in the Moon`s southern highlands. Although I have sketched the lunar surface before, my attempts always ended up in the bin,I was never happy with what I achieved and really struggled to get it right. Suffering from a long term illness over the past few years ended up with me selling my 200p skyliner dob., because my illness was preventing me from observing. I had become too ill. Over Christmas I was hospitalised till the New Year and it was here that I decided to seriously knuckle down and get to grips with lunar observing and with permission from the Boss! also purchase another 200P scope by March (this is when I was fully recovered from a severe lung infection). Before you ask, these dobsonians are my favourite scope due to there ease of use and portability. I like anything that makes life simple and easy. When you are ill it is easy to give up on things because you don`t feel up to it (I have long term cancer, which is stable and according to the Doctors will enable me to have a reasonable long life, the only drawback is that I never feel 100% and at times can get very tired and weak ) but my resolve was to stop this from happening again without pushing myself TOO hard but stop letting this get in the way of my hobby.Using SGL I browsed the topics and looked at other sketches, picking up tips as I went along. Copying lunar photographs also helped tremendously and I was surprised at how quick I got the feel for sketching the lunar craters. Last night with a nice clear sky and the scope set up I scanned the Moon looking for an interesting lunar crater to sketch and liked the look of this one so spent a good one and half hours taking my time to sketch the object to my satisfaction. In fact I took so long I could see that the shadows had moved so this was when I decided it was best to stop. Feeling fatigued too also helped in making my mind up. Once indoors I used the Virtual Moon Atlas to identify the crater I had drawn and it was easily located and identified. Using the rough sketch from the previous night I re-sketched a clean and neat copy for my records using cartridge paper and a set of HB pencils. This took about 2 hours to complete and I was very happy with the results. I would be quick to note that the sketch is not perfect, but it was also an ambitious first attempt that I am glad that I had a go at. Anyway thanks for looking and I am always open to any guidance, tips,etc.
  8. Hello Mike, You can`t be that far from observing the "ring of fire" effect, if it`s safe enough to observe Venus so close to the Sun Colin
  9. Brilliant set of sketches Mike that illustrates Venus size and shape has it heads towards the sun.
  10. lovely sketch mike
  11. Forgot to mention that I am also doing an online course from the Open University about the moons of the solar system
  12. Astronomy is a way of life for me since for as long as I remember. If I can`t go outside then I mainly read astronomy books or scour the net for astronomy websites. Don`t watch TV but I`m a big fan of Dr. Who, and I am always watching my DVD collection most days. Currently watching them in order and am in Patrick Troughton`s era having just finished watching episode 2 of The Seeds of Death. So if its not clear outside most of my life is filled with astronomy, I`m glad I got a understanding wife!
  13. Thats exactly what I have been doing,practising at the computer. Got my new telescope, pencils and paper. Just waiting for a clear night.
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