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  1. Astrophotography reflectors have faster f ratios and a bigger secondary mirror as far as I know . The tube are shorter so that you can mount instruments and get them focused as when the tube is shorter the focus moves further out .
  2. Instead of focusing from view finder use the live screen display ,zoom in and then focus on star . If you plan on shooting for long use some tape and lock your focus .
  3. You don't need a Barlow, you'll be needing a coma corrector a canon T adapter. If u can get a good deal on a full frame camera you will easily be able to fit larger objects on your chip . Some do use the 200pds on the heq5 but it is not recommended. The Neq6 is a better match for the 200pds.
  4. Hi the local club has a Gso 6 f4 Newtonian. Collimation needs the be spot on .
  5. You won't be able to do deep sky astrophotography with a 5se , planetary a little bit . For astrophotography you will need a goto Equatorial mount like the heq5 and a scope such as a 130pds , 80ed etc . And a dslr
  6. I observe from bortle6 skies most of the time (lp map says 5 which I don't belive ) m35 can be seen easily from a 6inch scope . I've not seen it in the finder scope from my normal sky . You can see it from a dark sky through finder scope.
  7. Hi, and welcome to the Forum For visual I would go for the 8inch dobsonian as it's easier to use and good time begin with. Dobsonian mounts are much easier than Equatorial mounts for visual use . With this you'll be able to take pictures of the moon but won't br able to do deep sky astrophotography as it requires a Equatorial goto/tracking mount and various other gear . Cheers
  8. Hi Does anyone use the Samyang/rokinon 135 F2 lense with the star adventurer? If so how long can you expose?
  9. There is thread dedicated to the 130pds. You can check it out
  10. then I'm sure I've seen some color in a 8inch dobsonian in a bortle 5 sky. this is getting me interested in how the eye functions now . Time for some reading
  11. I remember seeing a Orion nebula with a greenish tint in a c14 act at a bortle 2 location. M57 also appeared a bit greenish but I doubt what I saw . But I'm sure of Orion's green glow
  12. Prediction say magnitude -2. In last week for May . Interesting
  13. Do you'll use any fov cutouts to use with these star charts ?
  14. Those lifepo4 battery packs come with a cigarette lighter port so ,I should be able to use a splitter and power multiple stuff. You mean a lifepo4 can power gear for longer when you say 24ah=59ah of lead acid ?
  15. If I get a 60ah. Leisure or marine battery. I logically be able to power the mount , laptop and dew heaters/camera all together then I suppose? (Correct me if I'm wrong my knowledge about batteries is very limited)
  16. I would really like to peep through a 28inch dobsonian
  17. Hi all As we all know mak's are compact small and portable telescopes. Many use these for lunar and planetary observation and photography also. How good is a MAK for observing deep sky objects like galaxies and nebulae . Something small to use while astrophotography gear is up and running . As I go with friends in a single car carrying our dobsonian is a porblem. Clear skies
  18. Will try this from a dark site on Saturday. Also need to find another site as this one has a lp dome in the north Anyone been able to spot this in a 8inch ?
  19. Hey everyone I had asked this question in2016 i bought a 8inch Gso dobsonian in 2017 and I am using it right now .will soon upgrade to 12inch. And yes dobsonian is much more fun to use especially locating objects near the poles . Using eq mount to locate objects low in the south was neck breaking and I had to rotate the tube alot clear skies
  20. Hi Is it possible to use the Astele 95 maksutov telescope with a dslr ? I am thinking of doing some lunar imaging with it .
  21. Does it have its own plug-in related to astrophotography?
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