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Astronomical Sketching Links and Sources

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I have found this link to a site by Jere Kahanpää on sketching astronomical views from the telescope.

There is also The Belt of Venus website, run by Jeremy Perez, which has lots of information and tips about sketching from a telescope.

I have also been browsing

"Astronomical Sketching: A step-by-step Introduction" by Richard Handy et al (including Jeremy Perez from above).

"Sketching the Moon: An Astronomical Artist's Guide" by Richard Handy et al

For these two publications, there are some well-known bookseller sites that allow you to browse through the pages of these books - quite a generous number of pages are available for legitimate, free viewing!

Sorry if this is a re-post, but it might be nice to have a thread which collates all these resources.

Best wishes


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Thought it would be good to carry this thread on, maybe a mod could make it a sticky?

a great YouTube video by Jeremy Perez.

Belts of Venus tutorials, templates and lots more info on sketching.

The Mellish technique tutorial on sketching white on black.

Digital Lunar sketching

Solar sketching tutorial

Sketching M27 step by step

Lunar sketching black on white

Lunar sketching white on black

RASC various sketching tutorials.

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I just want to say that this thread is the jackpot for me, so thank you all who contributed!

I never thought I would ever be inspired to do any kind of visual art, but for some reason astro sketching is calling my name.

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On 3-2-2013 at 12:55, DonRemus said:

Anyone know a good free place to store sketches online?

For what it's worth, Deepskylog has a feature to attach your sketch to your observation, next to the eleaborate possibilities the site offers. You can also look up sketches and observations from other users, with similar or different equipment,... anyway, check it out, it's free. ;) 

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