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The Pleiades (I did,nt know this)

astro mick

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I,ve just read recently, that the Nebulosity surrounding the Pleiades star cluster does not belong to the cluster itself.

Being in the region of 115 million years old,the cluster would have long ago burned through their original gas and dust.

What we now see is an independant cloud of gas and dust passing through the region by chance.

Interesting,anyone else heard or read of this.

Perhaps its common knowledge, and i have just found out.


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The cloud  dissociation from the Pleiades  is true, but I think the blend is  perfect for the   Astrophotographer.

May surprise some that Aldebaran isn't part of the Hyades either. 
Nothing to do with the Pleiades, other than the two clusters seem to trip off the tongue together :icon_biggrin:

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Yes apparently it was a velocity analysis of both the stars in the cluster and the nebulosity. The stars were found to be moving in one direction and the nebula another direction, ending the previously held view that the nebula was residual from the star formation. 

EDIT: something I found out yesterday is that the stars forming the 'saucepan' of Ursa major used to be part of an open cluster, they've drifted apart over time to their current positions. And that our sun was once thought to have been part of that cluster! 

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Interesting stuff indeed - thanks Mick :smiley:

I find that a little research into what we are seeing, adds a lot to their fascination even if the visual impact is relatively modest (not the case with the Pleiades of course).

@Dave - that swimmming experiment in syrup must have been messy !

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