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  1. Eq6 power modification completed

    Maplin sell them. Get them before they shut down completely
  2. Eq6 power modification completed

    First mod I did to my NEQ6 along with the belt mod
  3. Easier to use an opto isolator. This also provides isolation to the camera from any unwanted voltages at the RPi. I use 4N25 to trigger my Canon
  4. Excellent that they are taking the time to investigate it and not just fob it off as nothing
  5. Magnification is the scope focal length divided by the eyepiece focal length. A 1000mm tube with a 25mm eyepiece will give the same mag as a 100mm tube and a 2.5mm eyepiece. Focal ratio is focal length divided by the aperture of the tube
  6. Looks like Skywatcher has taken note and caught up with all of those that modified their NEQ6 regarding the Belt Mod and screw lock power connector. The New R version has both NEQ6 R Mount
  7. Flymesh bahtinov mask

    Wonder if it would work for a DLSR lens - diameter 82mm?
  8. Electrical supply to observatory

    You can only spur off one socket per socket on a ring final circuit with a 32A MCB and 2.5mm2 T&E. Anymore is not allowed. A radial final circuit is different and should be 4mm2 with a 32A MCB. If the spur is a FCU (Fused Connection Unit) you can run as many sockets as you want as that cable is protected by a 13Amp fuse max. More of a concern is what size cable is the SWA it should be a minimum of 2.5mm2. When installed tests (r1 +r2, Insulation, Polarity, Zs and RCD times) should have been carried out which would indicate whether is is fused at the correct rating and meets disconnection times Part P and the 17th Edition Regulations are two different documents although there is some crossover and Part P only applies to domestic and not Commercial or Industrial where the 17th Edition is more relevent
  9. If you look at Feburary it has one less mark. There are 15 marks per month
  10. Summer - Winter

    I have come to the conclusion that I am a summer observer. Not having an Obsy is a major drawback when keeping warm. Either that or I need to emigrate nearer the equator
  11. Any Ardunio + Windows programmers out there?

    This bunch provide timer software that can control various relay boards like the Velleman. Depends on your budget http://www.serialporttool.com/index.htm
  12. EXIF data contains all of the image information recorded by the camera (date, time, GPS loctaion, shutter speed etc) If you download the free program IrfanView you can view the EXIF data from this. It is also a very handy program for batch processing etc
  13. Arduino Based Weather Station

    I was getting noise from the PWM powering my Dew Heaters. I used these to Isolate the power side after the MOSFET drivers. They are the square block on the pcb picture 50V 10A EMI Filters
  14. Electronics and the cold: a discovery.

    Have you tried one of these with a frost stat Tubular Heater