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  1. I think you are most probably correct. My post processing skills are not the best- I usually just move the slider about until I bring something out I shall return to it when get back in the U.K. next week and see if I can pull any rabbits out of the hat with your suggestions - Thanks
  2. Final image consisting of 35 lights, 20 Darks and 20 Flats. Alot were discarded due to the wind picking up and moving the camera last night All frames were taken on a Canon 6D MKII with 100 - 400mm L lens mounted on Skywatcher Star Adventurer Mini Details: Exp/frame 120sec, ISO 2500 & ISO8000, f5.6. Stacked in DSS then tweaked in LR and PS Second picture is the setup. I quite pleased with the result tbh CC welcome
  3. It is one of the best villas I have been to for astro. Helps that the moon doesn't rise until 2am ish and is in it's last half
  4. First time I have managed to capture M31 without a telescope but with my DLSR and 100 - 400mm L Lense 1 frame tweaked in LR CC - no crop Canon 6D MKII, 400mm L, f5.6, ISO2000, 120secs Skywatcher Star Adventurer Mini. Loction - Nerja, Spain. I will be attempting to capture more this week and hopefully be able to stack some images together
  5. Milky Way - 1 frame tweaked in LR CC Mars to the left Canon 6D MKII, 16mm, f2.8, ISO 2000, 50sec Skywatcher Star Adventurer Mini
  6. Pop down to your local car repair garage. They usually have a metal skip round the back where they dump all of the disks they replace
  7. It actually takes less time to do the mod than to watch the videos but well worth it in my opinion. 1st thing I did to my NEQ6 was strip it and install the belts
  8. Maplin sell them. Get them before they shut down completely
  9. First mod I did to my NEQ6 along with the belt mod
  10. Easier to use an opto isolator. This also provides isolation to the camera from any unwanted voltages at the RPi. I use 4N25 to trigger my Canon
  11. Excellent that they are taking the time to investigate it and not just fob it off as nothing
  12. Magnification is the scope focal length divided by the eyepiece focal length. A 1000mm tube with a 25mm eyepiece will give the same mag as a 100mm tube and a 2.5mm eyepiece. Focal ratio is focal length divided by the aperture of the tube
  13. Looks like Skywatcher has taken note and caught up with all of those that modified their NEQ6 regarding the Belt Mod and screw lock power connector. The New R version has both NEQ6 R Mount
  14. Wonder if it would work for a DLSR lens - diameter 82mm?
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