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  1. Looks the same scope as the NEQ6 so M3 will be the ones I get all my fixings from here (mainly for my RC stuff)
  2. There was recently released a new 3d image of The Pleiades. I think it was on Sky at Night in December.
  3. Looks like dust bunnies. They crop up quite alot. You can clean the sensor in the camera with a cleaning kit. I use a rocket blower and carbon lenspen to clean mine but there are others like wet wipe kits about Usefel info on cleaning sensors
  4. The 130P-DS is a cracking scope - alot swear by it. For the mount go for the best you can afford. The standard for AP is usually the NEQ6 - pricey but good and will handle larger payloads. I'm sure there are some 2nd hand ones around as some have upgraded to the NEQ8
  5. I put them where I could for my Dew Controller/PS. I used the lock screw ones from maplin as I hadn't found the Tiny XLR's then. Pictures in this thread
  6. If you want small XLR plugs look up Tiny XLR by Rean. Same as norlmal XLR but smaller. Rapid Online sell them
  7. I've used these before as they easy to mount. One for + and another for - A tad overkill on current capacity but they do the job
  8. Taking the worst scenario you will be pulling 10Amps so that battery will last for 2.4 hours at that rate. If an average of 1.1 Amps (Say 1.5amps) is pulled from your specs then the 24Ah will last for approx 16hrs so I would say from fully charged that battery will be OK. The nice thing about LiFe is that it will stay at 12V until the last moment then just drop off unlike SLA which drop the voltage as it is used. I use these as connectors as they are secure Use 20mm fuses rated to what the maximum the devices will draw
  9. They are there to adjust the alignment of the scope to the mount - cone error. You screw in four screws and these push against the ring - you then tighten up the center bolt to lock it in position
  10. pulseIn() or pulseInLong()
  11. I now use xBee's. Very easy to use to send serial data across wirelessly.
  12. Does that mount not have a polar scope?
  13. That's nothing compared to what I have seen in some properties when doing electrical work. Last one was last week when fault finding a faulty light circuit in a shower room. The installer had used the CPC as the switch wire for the fan instead of installing 3 core & E BTH if you want to use connectors WAGO are some of the best screwless
  14. Might be just as easy and pricewise to buy a new bracket
  15. If you can post to me I can finish it off for you