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  1. Star Adventurer or the Mini Version?

    Max recommended 100mm is due to the larger Periodic Error - see post below. There is nothing in the manual about max lens length. FLO has the no specs available under most of their stuff
  2. Star Adventurer or the Mini Version?

    I am presuming that is when you use the camera body as the mounting point. The 100 - 400mm has a mounting ring for the tripod which balances the load and takes the weight of the lens off of the lens lock ring
  3. Star Adventurer or the Mini Version?

    @Chinapig Thanks for that small review. My payload will be a 6D MKII and max a 100 - 400mm lens. I will probably be using the 16 - 35mm more often than not so I will be well below the payload max for the mini @Stu Thanks - nice to read about both mounts from the same user - looks like the mini will be the way forward
  4. Star Adventurer or the Mini Version?

    Thanks - It's not on their site yet as a review or I can't find it
  5. This has probably been asked before but ....... I'm looking at getting a tracking mount for wide field photography that I can take away with me on travels abroad etc. Carting the NEQ6 aboard an aircraft is a tad to much hassle and it weighs alot I'm interested to here of any reviews of the following two mounts that will sit on top of my Manfrotto 190XPRO tripod Skywatcher Star Adventurer or the Mini version Star Adventurer Star Adventurer Mini Has anyone used either or both? I assume the weight of the mini is less than the bigger one but is it as good/useful. TIA
  6. 12v supply to SW HEQ5 pro mount

    This is the one I use https://www.technobotsonline.com/pololu-adjustabe-step-up-9-30v-5a-max-input-current-2.9v-to-vout-input.html
  7. 12v supply to SW HEQ5 pro mount

    I run my NEQ6 at 14.5V from a 12.8V PS using a boost convertor. I used to get the flashing LED syndrome before this when using the standard wall PS. I also installed a screwlock power connector on the mount so it doesn't fall out
  8. Taken with the smartphone up against my SkyMaster 20 x 80 binoculars
  9. 12 volt distribution panel

    This is a useful bit of kit. Make sure you select UK or EU when ordering HobbyKing Power Distribution
  10. How are you finding the 6D MKII? I just chopped my 1D MKIII in for one at Castle Cameras. Haven't used it yet tho but off to Tuscany for two weeks end of this month
  11. New Observatory build in Gosport

    It will also require Building Regs notification as you are replacing a Consumer Unit and installing a new circuit plus you are feeding a new point in the garden. That also doesn't look like a consumer Unit just a junction box. Consumer Units also have to be metal since Jan 2016 for domestic installations. Have you had an Electrician round for advice?
  12. Electrical Engineers Help Needed

    That PS is rated at 5Amp 12Volt. Do your calculations and that will tell you your current demand. Although those PS are rated at 5Amps I wouldn't want to run them at max capacity for very long
  13. Does this wiring diagram look okay?

    I use Tiny XLR connectors. Pins only rated to 5A but should be plenty for dew heaters etc but a fraction of the physical size https://www.rapidonline.com/tiny-xlr
  14. battery box cable

    It'll be fine. Insulation for 230V cables is rated up to 1000V
  15. Cabling for outside pier

    CEF sell it by the meter. http://www.cef.co.uk/catalogue/categories/cables-and-accessories-swa-xlpe-pvc-armoured-cables