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Santa's late XW


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As some of the members may be aware I have developed a taste for the Pentax XW. Just a great quality "complete" eyepieces IMO. I have been building up a mini collection over about the last year. The collection now compromises of the 3.5 XW  the 7 XW and 10XW. But I have really been missing the 5mm in the focal length. 

After a few tries in the wanted section on SGL for a 5XW still no luck in acquiring one. The closest I came was Mike(Faulksy) did say I could have his but he needs to find a 4.5 Ethos first. Obviously a much appreciated offer and thanks Mike really appreciate that offer as getting hold of one of these second hand is like finding hens teeth  . On the lead up to the Christmas period I really was missing the Pentax 5XW , as the Pentax XW are the most used eyepieces in the reflector Dobson. And as there was the ongoing numerous discussions that the higher magnification eyepieces in the Pentax XW range are being phased out. Therefore are they going to be around much longer?. Anyway with Christmas approaching I contacted FLO regarding the possibility of the Pentax 5XW and if they were presently available. FLO did inform me they were available if I wished to acquire the 5mm. Therefore I took the opportunity and  an order was placed prior to Christmas. I was informed by FLO that the order would not arrive for Christmas, but should be in January. Well on checking the emails it looks like the XW is on its way and should be with me next week. This is great news and will fill the hole in the eyepiece case as well as another great sharp eyepiece at 5mm focal length with 20mm eye relief and 70d fov. 




5mm, Missing eyepiece 





Waiting for another of these, on its way ?



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Congratulations - I think the 5mm is my favourite XW :icon_biggrin:

I added the 7mm and 10mm to my 3.5 and 5mm last year. Simply superb eyepieces IMHO :thumbright:

The boxes of my later ones have changed colour from the familliar green to a less familliar silver / grey. Still the same packing inside though.

The Ricoh influence I guess.

Edit: The 3.5 and 5 don't appear on the Ricoh / Pentax website any more:


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