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Walking on the Moon

Mighty moon 11-10-16 20.00


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great seeing tonight, the moon looks fantastic just hanging there in space, so I thought id get a few shots, you know I carnt help myself. kit- ed80, 2xed barlow 1200d, if you get chance have a look the seeing is too good to miss. thanks for looking ,clear skys ,charl.


moon 11-10-16 wide.png


moon 11-10-16 20 lt.png


even closer.

moon cu1 11-10-16.png

moon cu4 11-10-16.jpg

moon cu 2 11-10-16.png

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change 2 pic for a ligher one
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thanks Neil, yer the little ed works well , I'm very happy with it, ive even had fair shots of Saturn with it with a 4x barlow. as for getting the moon high , I do 90% of my imaging from a 2nd floor obsyroom when I'm not too well so have to do with the moon being low. thanks for the advice mate, clear skys charl. 

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thanks Bobby, i look forward to your images, the startravel range are great scopes for imaging the moon, you should get some great images. ive just been take some shots of the moon tonight, seeings good but not quite as good as lastnight. clear skys ,charl.

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