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4 days in a row!


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Usually autumns are very cloudy time here in Finland. This week I had 4 days of moonless and clear nights in a row. Here is all the images I took during these nights. 5th night was also clear but I spent it visiting other observatory near by.

Here is bit of a "kid in the candystore" effect taking place. :) Longest exposure is on IC410, 3.5 hours. Rest are between 1 hour and 3 hours. NGC1499 is two panel mosaic.

1. B142
2. Bubble nebula
3. IC405
4. IC410
5. M33 HaLRGB
6. NGC1499
7. NGC6960
8. Iris nebula









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Great set of images. We also had a gap between clouds for several nights this week. But seeing was poor. Even though stars were visible, I lost many frames due to thin high clouds.

You managed a lot better.

Were these images taken with your Boren-Simon? That seems a great scope.

Thanks for sharing

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