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Uranus 12th sept 2016

neil phillips

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Seeing on Neptune was unsettled So I wasn't expecting much on Uranus. But being quite a bit higher, And spending time nailing focus making sure there was a nice sharp edge. There was quite a few moments of sharp frames. I took three 20 min avis one after the other. De rotated each image, on the superb winjupos. So a hours worth of data combined. I used the W25A Filter, mainly because I was experimenting to see the differences between that and the 610 longpass. As it turned out. There doesn't appear to be any advantage in using it. So I will likely stick to the 610 from now on. I tried a animation.  But wasn't confident anything was showing above the SNR to bother with it. Don't think I would have any faith on the smaller spots as being anything other than noise. Mainly because I couldn't see any consistency in the Animation. Always the acid test. Still a reasonable result from a night I wasn't expecting much on. What may have helped was cloud cover for a while. That I had to wait out, thermally stabilizing the large Newtonian optics. As was shown from thermal tests done by Australian imager Anthony Wesley.

uranus done 12th sept b.png


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5 hours ago, ChrisLX200 said:

Very impressive result, banding clearly shown and the planetary outline is sharp without appearing to be over-processed. I'd guess you are seeing very near the max resolution of your 300mm of aperture!


Hi Chris definitely yes. Although it may seem futile to some to continue imaging a world where little but noise and banding appear. It is possible at any moment that Uranus could develop a large storm. its happened before. Infact trying to perfect the limits of ones resolution, is a good thing Chris. Its something I keep thinking a lot about, The SNR  (signal to noise) At my scope size it seems like its never enough. But never one to be defeated easily. I change my ideas. I am starting to think three runs at 30 mins de rotated is minimum. I did twenty here, and if you could see my animation, its not enough. Maybe three runs at 45 mins is needed. Not easy with the elevation we get in the UK. Its a difficult task. But one that has huge pay offs. detecting a storm on Uranus would be a special thing. Its happened before. it could happen again. Forever the optimist. Only through long periods of study, and perfecting the limits of our resolution. Do we learn more about this distant world. Although it could be a long wait for nothing. Only time will tell. The heavens do not always pamper to our whims

But I find these ideas a lot more interesting than I thought I would. As can be seen by the postings

Cheers Guys

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Cheers Freddie and yes your right, its not as good as the 30th Aug that has been the best to date. Good idea about the comparisons. At some point I will think about this. But may wait a bit, as I am still interested in getting more images, still experimenting with settings ect. But its a good idea cheers for the suggestion. Its something I think I will do. as I often have in the past with Jupiter as you know

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