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Tenerife Astronomy Society TAS


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We are a newly formed society on Tenerife and the first!

Tenerife is officially recognised as one of the very best places in the world to see the night sky in all of its glory. Its high altitude, clean and dry air coupled with a general lack of clouds means stunning conditions for stargazing and astronomy. NASA calls Tenerife one of the "four windows on the Universe" and its observatory is one of the most significant in the world. These stunning conditions are available just an hour's drive from the sun-soaked coastal resorts.

Our society is a place for people with an interest in the beauty of the night sky to come together to find or share knowledge; to meet, share experiences and help each other benefit from one of Tenerife's most amazing natural resources, its very dark skies. We meet every month at Casa Zaguan in Vilaflor where we have a roof top observation terrace with a number of telescopes. Visitors and new members are always welcome so if you are coming to Tenerife on holiday, please stop by our Facebook page and say "Hola!".



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Hello Si. I would be pleased to know more about the Tenerife Astro Society. I have an "astro" apartment on a private residential complex at Playa de la Arena equipped with a Celestron C8se, a 100mm binocular telescope, a 90mm Meade ETX Maksutov and a 80mm Ha solar telescope. I visit as frequently as I can but do not have transport and do not speak Spanish. I would also be interested to know what instrumentation the Society has as I have some surplus equipment that might be of use.   :icon_biggrin:

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