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  1. These are a good price, has anyone tried them?
  2. Unfortunately theft from cars, particularly hire cars used by tourists is very common in Tenerife. So much so that often hire companies remove the parcel shelves to discourage tourists from thinking they can hide stuff in the boot and be safe. The best advice is don't leave anything of value in your car even if it's just for a few minutes. There was a recent story of a woman whose handbag was stolen from her car at the side of the road while she took a picture of the sunset from just yards away. It's been going on here for as long as there have been tourists - I know, it happened to me in 1985
  3. We have an astronomy group on Tenerife now TAS - Tenerife Astronomy Society. There is a group page on Facebook. We generally meet monthly and members are often out and about with their scopes and cameras in between and would be happy to try and meet up with you. Hope this helps.
  4. We are a newly formed society on Tenerife and the first! Tenerife is officially recognised as one of the very best places in the world to see the night sky in all of its glory. Its high altitude, clean and dry air coupled with a general lack of clouds means stunning conditions for stargazing and astronomy. NASA calls Tenerife one of the "four windows on the Universe" and its observatory is one of the most significant in the world. These stunning conditions are available just an hour's drive from the sun-soaked coastal resorts. Our society is a place for people with an interest in the
  5. Sick of the clouds in the UK, I managed to get my 200p newt, HEQ5 mount and tripod into hold luggage with Jet2 and out to Tenerife on our summer holiday. My observing spot wasn't the best as it looked across roofs that had been heated by the sun all day but despite the less than perfect viewing conditions, I managed to get my best image of Saturn to date. Well worth transporting all that gear! I've since established a very good location high in the mountains where the air is cooler and much clearer so I'm looking forward to my next trip very much! Camera used was the ASI224MC with Powermate 2
  6. That's great to hear - I've been fretting a lot about it - thanks for taking the time to respond
  7. Thanks Michael - are you saying the rotational position of the secondary within the corrector plate isn't important then and all I need to do is re-collimate?
  8. OK so good news is that the fastar retaining ring came loose and I have been able to remove the secondary. The secondary cell has a reasonable grip on the corrector so I think i can get away without needing to tighten it up if I remain careful in how much I tighten the Fastar retaining ring. The bad news is that I can't see any alignment marks on the corrector plate or secondary cell to help re-align the secondary cell. There are two letter "A"s hand written in green ink on opposite sides on the edge of the secondary mirror itself, one is a lot fainter than the other, but I can't see what
  9. So, it's sounds like it's not difficult a thing to remedy but does require removal of the corrector. Did you remove just the plate or the entire front assembly?
  10. Thanks for the reply Waldemar. The corrector plate isn't rotating, just the secondary within it. I have no idea how the secondary unit fixes to the corrector but it appears that this is the problem. Your advice about teflon grease on the release ring is a good idea.
  11. Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, I did look but although there are some posts on this, they are for different models of 'scope. I recently (January) bought a new Celestron C9.25 Fastar. I have had the secondary out previously but now it does not come out, instead the whole secondary assembly just rotates when i try to loosen the retaining ring. I don't want to go to the trouble of boxing this up and sending it back if it is an easy fix to secure this again and get it re-aligned (I'm used to the fact that astronomy equipment often needs some hands-on treatment!) but hav
  12. Hi Robin - did you get this sorted? I'm using a c9.25 with OAG and GPCAM mono and have found that the gain and exposure have to be very high - gain 90% and exposure 2s+ generally. The grey out is PHD2 stretching what it is seeing (nothing) and this will change to black when you get on a star. Try using a cluster to find your focus - I used Pleiades for mine. I could focus the imaging camera on a star and find another in the OAG easily to work with the GPCAM. Hope this helps. By the way, what driver are you using with PHD2? I'm having no luck with the Altair drivers at all and there does s
  13. 120MC runs on W8, W7 and XP although some XP machines can be a problem - I know I've experienced it! One point to mention regarding rotational blurring - if you use Winjupos, the normal circa 90s capture limit no longer applies, as Winjupos can de-rotate your AVIs for you.
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