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hi folks, I will be going on holiday soon and wish to take my OOUK omc140 with me, space in the car wont allow me my eq5 so can anyone recommend me a suitable travel mount (for visual only).


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Please keep this thread to recommendations only, and then place a wanted ad in the classifieds if you wish to buy anything.

Some options are an AZ4 or perhaps a mini giro on a good photo tripod. As you will know, the OMC is a pretty high mag scope with narrow fov so stability will be important if the mount is to be useful to you.

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I have one of these - you'll need to get a dovetail adaptor to mount the scope cos it's a photo tripod - but it's very stable and folds down smaller than an eq5:


I use mine for heavy large bins with 100mm objectives. Hth :)

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I bought this recently as a travel astro tripod and I am very pleased with its weight and stability. At the moment its just used for a PST but it did handle a 72mm ED frac very well. I am not sure of the weight of the Orion OMC140 but I could place my 4" Astro Tech APO to see if it handles that scope ok.



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