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  1. thanks for all these options folks, she will be chuffed with them.
  2. cheers KevS, i will send that to her.
  3. hi folks, can anyone please suggest a downloadable Luna chart / crater finder?, my daughter has bought herself a pair of binos and is keen to learn. thanks in advance. oops, just found the luna 100 file....
  4. done a bit more research and as it has a chrome barrel its most likely to be a MK 1 and they (and mk2,s) do not have a removable eye cup.
  5. good morning folks, i could do with some help regarding my hyperion zoom, i bought it new recently (old stock) from ABS, i also bought a winged rubber for it, i can find no way to fit this item, i have looked on the mk4 instructions and the mk3 instructions and both say to remove the fitted eyecup and unscrew the top to expose the mount for the winged cup, mine does not have this (or any MK number for that matter) do early hyperion zooms not have this fitting??
  6. why is such a top end eyepiece poor for regular viewing (just curious).
  7. hi folks, could anyone please suggest a decent zoom for solar use on a lunt 60. ta.
  8. free replacement received from bresser, i will keep that as a spare, old one cleaned up perfectly with m/c visor cleaner.
  9. sadly not i am as tech savvy as my old grandad..
  10. hi folks, i have just experienced the lunt blocking filter lens fogging problem, bresser are posting a replacement so i thought i would have a look at the problem lens myself, well under a magnifying glass (10x) the opaqueness looked like bacteria on a petri dish, so i removed it and cleaned it of thoroughly (both sides) using autoglym bike visor cleaner and a cotton bud, followed by a rinse in cold water and dried of with a clean lint free cloth very successful and it is now perfectly clear...
  11. unfortunately lost faith after loosing over $650 to our friend Matt from Florida...
  12. looks as though it will john, TS has the best price so far.
  13. hi folks, I will be going on holiday soon and wish to take my OOUK omc140 with me, space in the car wont allow me my eq5 so can anyone recommend me a suitable travel mount (for visual only). thanks
  14. thanks, I don't have PS but it looks like a straight forward software thing.
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