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ALERT August 7th Fabulous Prominences - Look Now if you can ** Pic Added


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Just had short gaps in clouds, great prominence action.  The long arc of proms in the E are now showing well - much improved.  Long 'pillar' prom in NW and 'smoking stack' prominence in SW.  Looks fabulous.  Take a look if you can.  Got some hurried frames, will post later if worthwhile.


** Pic Added, sorry about quality, taken in haste on 1/5 second.  If you enlarge and look carefully there is some faint detached material to the S of the long are hedgerow prominence on the E.




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Fantastic proms Paul... The eastern side is detaching and I think another is about to kick off just above it, I can see very bright the pool developing. The prom on the opposite side is a monster and I wouldn't like to be any closer than 90 million miles away  :angryfire: The two northward prominences are still burning bright and don't show any signs of reducing.

On top of all this activity the surface is also looking fantastic..... Its like solar maximum all over again :hello:

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