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Today's flat field failure - 4th August


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I am not sure what went wrong with my flats this morning, but as it was an early rushed session I didn't notice.  Even if I had there wasn't time to re-do the 12 pane Ha mosaic.  Coupled with a slight lack of time, the sun struggling to rise above the villa (I moved three times to follow a gap) and an almost flat battery on my lappy (needed a re-charge to do the Ha) it wasn't going my way this morning.

Ha, 12 pane disc, Quark, WO ZS80mm, 0.5x FR


The bright and dark patches are the result of a poor flat and repeat in nearly every frame.  I tried cropping it out of the panes, but it wouldn't stitch.

Still the fili-prom in the 2 o'clock position looks good


False colour


Over-exposed to see the prom


My Quark is not the best for proms and reckon this would have been spectacular from here with my Lunt 60.

To complete the picture a full disc CaK, fortunately this doesn't need flats.


So all in all a pleasing session, especially as it was crammed in to about 30 minutes.  Tomorrow will hopefully be better prepared, the lappy is going on charge now and I have given my scope, Quark and camera a good talking to about flat fields.



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2 hours ago, uhb1966 said:

i wonder what the result would look like without the flats....

Sadly I use firecapture and apply the flats in real time as the vids are taken, so no option to go back.  Oh well there is always tomorrow.

5 hours ago, Davey-T said:

Still much better than anything here today Robin, shouldn't get too stressed out about it on your hol's :grin:


 Not stressed at all, the amount of solar imaging I have had in the last 10 days equals more than in the last 4 months. Plus we are somewhere warm with some really great tavernas, beats work and a wet and windy Newcastle most days of the year.

Just to make a point here is my obs weather graph

The blue line between 6pm and 7:30 shows heavy rain. Pity because up until 30 mins before it was bright sunshine.


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