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Observing Aquarius.


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Aquarius holds some superb targets, beneath Pisces, Pegasus to Enif  and to Delphinus sprawls this elongate constellation. Below Enif , pick out Sadalmelik and Sadalsuud. M2 forms a ra triangle with this pair.

Globular clusters.
M2, just spectacular.
M72 fainter at +10.
NGC 7492 (+11.5)

Open cluster.
M73, an asterism of four stars. mistaken for nebulosity in Messier's small scopes.

Planetary nebulae.
NGC 7009 , +8 , the "Saturn nebula", very odd with extensions either side.
NGC 7293, the "Helical nebula"

NGC 7171, NGC  7184,NGC 7218,NGC 7252,NGC 7300,NGC 7302,NGC 7309,NGC 7371,NGC 7377,NGC 7392,NGC 7585,NGC 7600,NGC 7606,NGC 7721,NGC 7723,NGC 7727

Sissy Haas gives 28 entries for binary stars here. Of those enjoyed,
Σ2838 gives a stream of stars here with a colourful orange companion at x50.
29 Aquarii  a pair of yellow and orange twins at x150. A bit closer for
Σ2862 at 2.5" at x200.
ξ Aquarii at 2.0" a white pair at x200.
Σ2944 gives a lovely triple.
94 Aquarii plenty colour at x50.
107 Aquarii shows a bright pair of twins.
I was pleased to get the rarely glimpsed companion to Σ2953 at x200.

It's interesting to look beneath and to the side of the obvious constellations and find these hidden gems,
Clear skies !

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These " observing " posts are the result of many evenings. I like to keep a record of the best stuff , hope you'll enjoy them. I huff and puff , but those pesky clouds are perma clouds. 

Anyone remember August being one of the finest months of the year ?Old Nick.

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Great list, Nick!

Aquarius is on my list for later this month with the Helix and Saturn planetary nebulae being high priorities. Neptune is near λ too.....not gone far in two to three years!!  We're going to the Med with the "stowaway" ED80 and Capricornus and Aquarius are very well placed around 11pm after the hoo-haa of Sagittarius has run its course.........I hope ! :)

I've given the Helix a good old college try here from home but not bagged it here. But M2 is a very nice sight and great taken in tandem with nearby M15, for comparison. 

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