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July 23rd - Going, Going Gone, well nearly!


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Up early to catch AR2565 and AR2567 before their final curtain call.  Glad to have some sunshine, but the seeing was quite awful again, even worse than yesterday.  I apologise now for the images I'm about to inflict on you - look away now if you are of a nervous disposition!  We may have some clearer sky later afternoon/early evening, and if so I'll endeavour to get something a little better.  All single frames with Lunt 60 DS for HA, Equinox 80 and Lunt H Wedge for WL.  Olympus E-M10 camera.  Best prominence activity was on the limb near the ARs and in the E.






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2 hours ago, cshahar said:

Very cool closeup near the limb Paul. Gives a 3D flavour! Still good details despite the conditions.


Thanks Charles, spot groups always look impressive next to the limb don't they.

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