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Skywatcher EQ6 Mount RA balance issue


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I recently bought a new Skywatcher EQ6 Mount, I found that the RA axis the movement of the mount is not free, i had completely unlocked the RA Lever lock and I have not connected it to any power, as i am located in San Jose, CA the Latitude is not too low for the Pole Star. 

I found the astro-baby site recommends the stripping down of the EQ6 mount and greasing it, but however want to know if i need to really do it for a new mount. I used to own Sirius mount for over 3 years and never had this issue. 



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I have never found the need to strip down my EQ6 and mine is a very old 'black' finish version so I would only do this as a last resort on a mount that was out of warranty.

If I am reading your post correctly, it is the latitude adjustment (for achieving polar alignment) that is giving you grief and a complete strip-down as per Astrobaby's superb instructions is not necessary to resolve this. Sometimes this adjustment can be very stiff indeed and you risk bending the adjustment bolts by using them to free the 'hinge' so don't use these too vigorously! Slacken them both off fully and try to persuade the 'hinge' to move by sustained manual pressure and if this cannot be achieved, you should contact your dealer while it is still under warranty.

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If you recently purchased an there is an issue i would have it back at the dealer asap!

If you do anything involving disassembly you may find you invalidate any warranty - and the advice still might not work.  Take advantage of the fact it is new and have the dealer look at, if you are not happy have them swap it - also while at dealer you can check another for similar behaviour.

The EQ6 can serve you well for a long time but not if it has issues - if unlocked it should move freely with no resistance if it's not it needs a serious looking at.


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