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Sunspot 2529 - Lunt 50 and AltAir 115


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I've been having problems getting decent .avi's with my C8 SCT so i decided to try the Sun in white light with my refractor - the results were much better (stable) and processed in detail well in Registax 6

Hopefully I can take some more test shots tonight of the Moon - the results I was getting from the C8 were blurry (focus was fine) as if there was really bad seeing - but it didn't seem that bad visually?

While I was out there I imaged 2529 with the Lunt 50 too. A few notes here.






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Thanks Paul and Dave - I just had another attempt at one of the shots I took with the SCT that I thought was hopelessly distorted - turned out I just needed to be a bit more aggressive with the wavelets :-)

Doesn't explain the Moon images though which were like looking at a 3d picture without the glasses :-)

Like you Dave I'm just about to get ready to image the Moon - surprising what you can capture of it in the daylight.


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Thanks guys - I think you're right Robin - it looked like there was great detail in between the turbulence but not enough I guess.



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