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Nagler 16mm Type 2 buy


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I think I struck lucky at the weekend as I was able to pick up a 2nd hand Nagler 16mm Type 2 for £80.

I promised mysellf I would not be buying more kit but this and two other Skywathcer Nirvana ep's seemed a good buy at £120 the lot.

I had not fully realised how big Nagler's are!

Now I have to wait for some clear skies....

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Thats a great bargain !

If you got a couple of Nivana's with it for £120 the deal is even sweeter. The used price of a Nirvana (the 1.25" ones) is around £70-£80 apiece so the Nagler was free !

The Nivana's perform very much in the same way that the Nagler does, very little between them to my eyes.


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16 minutes ago, baggywrinkle said:

Thats an interesting piece. There never were any Type 3 Naglers, just to add to the confusion. The line skips to T4's T5's and T6's which, between them, were the successors of the Type 1's and 2's.

The Type 2's are the ones I've not owned, as yet.





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