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Whether you like refractors or not.....


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Should n't too bad for false colour at that focal ratio, it works out pretty much the same as a 127mm f9 scope.

One of the scopes I got to look through last June was a similar 6" refractor on a similar tripod with a homemade Alt-az mount. There wasn't any false colour to speak of, that I noticed.

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You need a tall setup with a long refractor like this one

of not you end up on your knees when looking at things near the zenith.

With my 6" f8 refractor, I have to sit on the ground for everything that isn't fairly close to the horizon. I bought a ground-sheet from our local camping shop.

Sometimes I get my old relector out, just for the novelty of being able to observe standing up!

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Have you seen those extension pieces you can put in between the tripod and the mount? They give a the eyepiece a pretty good height no matter where the scope is pointing. The guy in the link in the first post is using one.


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Yep, its a pretty easy setup its just a shame it gets used a bit less now I've got the 150mm Mak the views are very similar but the Mak is just that bit easier to use. The frac is still a "keeper" though.


It's standing proud but as usual it's pointing at clouds..... :lol:

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