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  1. Hi Gary have found the celestron c5gt manual on the net ,and from what i read you can in put into the hand set the RA and DEC of any object you wish to look at and it will take you there,and store it for use again,and now all i have to do is get a scope to go on the mount clear skies to all
  2. Thinking of getting a eq5 (goto) can any one tell me if it will accept any coordinates that i may put in ,that are not in the goto controller(to find double stars) other than whats in the goto controller, if not what system should i look at ,that gives this flexibility..clear skies to all....Steve
  3. Climate change true or false, yes things may be hotting up a bit ,but are we the cause of it ,not all scientist think we are ,but the politicans soon jump on the band wagon ,and so do some scientist some good money hand out can be got out of this ,so as far as i am concerned the jury's still out on this ,time will only supplie the answer,any one who differs from the the political, or from the (scientific view) will be burnt at the stake ....thats my pessimistic view for what its worth .......clear nights to all
  4. Just caught saturn going behind the moon with the binoculars first, then got it in the scope before it went behind the moon ,didnt think i would see it then it just snapped into view with the binns
  5. Had a look at moon last night just before i went in after looking at double stars ,and Saturn which are my main interest but did not really notice anything out of the ordinary :moon:
  6. Raven have a look at this site some binocular advice that might help you ,with what to look for...www.holgermerlitz.de what this guy knows about binoculars ,is worth knowing.....
  7. Raven ,have a look on the German e bay at carl zeiss binns there is a bit more choice than the UK ebay, for this class of binoculars in 10x50 or 12x50 range ,avoid cheap Chines binns not( worth the eye room) better off with a good second hand pair of carl zeiss ,or other top brands Nikon fujinon, ...good binocular hunting
  8. You will not go far wrong with the fujinon 10x50fmtr-sx monks are a supplier ,but bought my last pair of fujinons (16x70) from Ace Cameras.
  9. Hi Moonhunter...why not have a look at a zeiss telementor refractor 63/840 one for sale at Markus Ludes .....AMP TELESCOPES...go to his webb site look in the secoundhand section ,has on for sale 895 euro about £604...really nice scope to start with ...good look with your search :saturn:
  10. Hi Steve have made the binocular mirror but cannot get use to things the wrongway round ,so put fujinon bins back on the manfrotto tripod,may try later to get use to the mirror.The best thing would be to mount them on a star chair like this one i found in the astronomy mag.www.bigha.com/starseeker
  11. Binoculars have a few pairs ,but the ones i use are 10x50 plus 16x70 both fujinon on a manfrotto tripod with the 141rc manfrotto head,was out last night looking at jupiter and vega,how do these binoculars preform BRILLIANT
  12. Will make a report when the weather improves ,that may take a few hundred years by the look of the weather ,fed up with cloudy nights,and cold and rainy days ...never mind live in hope.........Long is the road and hard is the task
  13. Have now got the first surface mirror and have mounted it on the mirror stand that i built from plans of the net from the photo you can see the dogs not impressed by it one bit .The complete unit is mounted on a manfrotto 055cld tripod and the head is a 141rc pan and tilt .Did try to mount it on a old camera tripod i had,but it got the shakes .I just hope the quality of the mirror is as good as the bins (no distotion) the bins are fujinon 16x70,but will also try the 10x50 fujinons on it ,when we get some clear sky again ,fingers crossed. For any one interested as where to get a mirror from the go to www.scientificmirrors.co.ok...........may your nights be clear
  14. Have just built a binocular mirror Holder,from plans i got off the net ,just waiting for the mirror to arrive from vacuum coatings ,then will put it to the test...The scope teknix bino flex looks like a good buy at £69. 99 some other makes are much dearer than that . If had seen the advert before i started building my own .i would have bought one
  15. Well have been out with the new bins fujinon 16x70,even with snow on the floor,got them on thursday but this is the first time had chance to use them.Mounted them on the manfrotto tripod,very pleased with the view ,have been looking at saturn plus beehive , pleiades ,the moon looked real good and so did the m36 and m38 star clusters,every thing sharp to the edge .The next thing is to build binocular mirror, have got some plans of the net ,and ordered a first surface mirror so looking at the azimuth will be not so neck braking,so come on dark skyes and clear nights ,might even see the Tanhauser Gate :stars:
  16. Hi Tom i have never looked through the revalavation or aopogee.But if you go to the cloudynights webb site ,the go to the binocular forum then into binocular mini review you will find three reviews on the apogee ra -88-sa..hope that helps
  17. Hi Albreo380.....think the increase is magnification will make some difference ,and turn the grey tint of the Skye darker ..thats when we can see the stars
  18. Hi Gordon yes will have to put them on a tripod have a manfrotto with a 141 rc head on ,so of with 10x50 fujinon on with 16x70 fujinon ,and pray for a cloudless night
  19. Have just ordered new binoculars fujinon 16x70 i fancied a bit more power to get darker Skye's,through these light polluted Skye's.i have the fujinon 10x50,and have been more than satisfied with them,the view through the fujinons is sharp right to the edge.Have thought about getting the nikon 18x70,but after reading some of the reports in the various astronomy forums,ie the edge sharpness was not as good as with the fujinon ,plus the cost of the glasses being a bit dearer,i decided to stick with fujinon ,thats not to say the nikons are a bad binocular they are not,i have a pair of 8x32se nikons that are sharp to the edge,great for bird watching Oh before i go i have orderer cloudless nights and dark Skye's,that might come with the new bins,but i am not holding my breath on that one
  20. have just been out there greeted with cloudy skies ,after watching horizon program about dark matter,was reasonably clear when i went in to watch the program,but never mind thats the good old uk weather,will try tomorrow night,look on the bright side :sunny:
  21. hi Warthog think i will stick to binoculars ,dont think i could look through naval ordnance :lol:
  22. Hi Mark Rd go to this site www.monkoptics.co.uk..then go to ...About Binoculars, will answer all you questions
  23. 10x70 exit pupil 7mm 10x50 exit pupil 5mm when you get older your eyes dont dilate to 7mm if the person is young they do . i am 61 so not much to gain with getting 10x70 so i have the 10x50 for my night sky observations ,but dont buy cheap big chinese bins may see More with quality instead of quantity,a lot of chinese stuff on the market under various names Some very good European glasses on the market and Japanese,you get what you pay for,and that applies to bins as much as any thing else
  24. The weight of the fujinon 10x50 is 1.52 kg or just short of three half pond...not as i said bins out tonight 7 lb...sorry about that folks
  25. Have been out with the fujinon 10x50 to night up to 8pm when the cloud rolled in ,but not before a good look at orion neb pleiades looked great ,then searched for the double cluster near perseus ngc869 ,but this being virtually at the azimuth was hard going trying to find it ,till i took the bins off the tripod, then got out the foulding garden chair and set it right back ,so when i laide out on it ,i could get the bins right to the azimuth,this is the way to view the stars and relaxe at the same time ,so i think it will be good by tripod for me . The bins weigh in at 1.43kg about 7 pound but they settle well in the hands which helps to steady the view,which is pin sharp.Does any body out there use bins ,dont see much about them on this site. Good review in the Astronomy now about the fujinon 10X50 FMTR-SX
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