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Lovejoy tail animation

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The picture in my other thread (http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/233625-lovejoy-c2014-q2-with-tail-6-jan) shows blurry tail detail.  It is now possible to demonstrate why. I have put together an animation covering a period of 80 minutes.  Over this period there are obvious changes in tail appearance which may be the result of the comet nucleus rotating.

Each video frame is an average of 7 x 1minute exposures to reduce noise.  It is done in the manner of a "moving average" so the original 76 exposures create 23 video frames.  Clearly, owing to the strong moonlight, the movie is not of the highest quality.  I certainly want to try this again when the moon is out of the way.

Since the forum doesn't permit me to upload an avi file, I have put it at the following Dropbox location:


It is just over 2 Megabytes.  The quality is much better if you download the file before playing it.


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Very nice, I would say a download and repeated play with a bit of stop/start, it's over in a flash.  Wounderful to see the tail twisting, thanks, good work, and just a trailer for the no moon epic ?  looking forward to it.

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