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The heart of the Rose

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After the cloud cleared last night, the sky was a bit hazy, and the stars were 'twinkling' badly, but decided to grab some time on the Rosette.

Can't get enough FOV with the ED80 + f/6.3 FR, and the 3.3 starts to coma a bit, so stuck with the 6.3, hence only having enough FOV for the centre. Perhaps I should buy a 0.5, and see if that's a good compromise.

Anyway, here's what I got from 10x10 min subs + 3x15 min subs.

SXVF-H9C + ED80 + f/6.3FR.



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Hi Dave , working under those conditions last night would have been a pretty daunting test for the OSC, it does show those areas that the Ccd blasted through , giving some vibrant structure, a pity the sky was like that , other wise the whole of the Rosette would have been beautiful, but what you have got is very nice indeed.



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Absolutley Rog, and I'm surprised I got as much as I did under those conditions.

The image certainly has a lot of 'noise' in it, despite over 2 hrs over exposure, so nowhere near as 'smooth' as it should be.

However, I suppose a poor result is better than no result at all, and infinitely better than watching 'the box' :D


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to right there Dave , i was stuck indoors Grrrrrrr , your image looks even better on my home puter, i have found even with working with HA , if there is ahint of fine cloud up there the noise is pretty bad , i look foward to having ago myself at this one , when the moon has gone and a nice clear sky is waiting

Rog :D

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