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  1. Nice one Karlo, lets just hope for clear skies and good seeing hey!! Andrew :D :blob: :blob: :blob: :blob: :blob: :wav:
  2. Is the Lunar Eclipse Wednesday/Thursday or Thursday/Friday?? Need to get time off work!! Thanks Andrew!!
  3. Thanks for the advice Gaz!! I think i have to start saving!! LOL Regards Andrew!!
  4. So basically the HEQ5 looks better, is more sturdy, has better motors! Definately the better mount for imaging, almost a mount for life i guess!!
  5. Gaz in your honest opinion is it worth paying the extra money for the Skywatcher (HEQ5 PRO) at £300 more!! Is the mount that much better?
  6. I am currently thinking of upgrading my setup and am torn between two options at the moment:- 1. A celestron C8NGT http://www.firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=C8nGT 2. Or a skywatcher 200P http://www.firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=200heq5 There are several reasons for upgrading, The main one being to eventually get into some imaging!! (aswell as wanting to move onto an equatorial mount, and more aperture of course!) The main thing that concerns me is the mount really, as i have heard good rep's on both OTA's! I would like goto but am prepared to go without for now if need
  7. Very nice images mate, i'm no expert but i sure do like them!!
  8. Ant i could't believe these images either!! Absolutely awesome!!
  9. That is the best ISS image i have seen to date!! Awesome detail!! tis a shame about t'other 2 sp's not being visible, but you should be proud of that image!! Stunning!! Badger!!
  10. See you all tomorrow!! :wav: :tshirt:
  11. WOW!!! i like the understated look of that image, very nice indeed!!
  12. Not being into imaging myself i cant give any technical input, but i can say a very nice image indeed, very pleasing on the eye!! Well Done!!
  13. Unfortunately the lights are toughened!! Have tried many things:- 1. I tried two slingshots, A black widow and a Diablo pro!! 2. Tried a 2.2 cal air rifle! 3. And even tried asking them to change the angle of the light, the response was not printable! I really need to move to the middle of the country somewhere!!
  14. Hope this uploads!! A moon pic taken with a Nokia N73!!
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