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Triangulum Galaxy improvements on first efforts


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Last night was unbelievably brilliant clear skies from 9pm onwards I was out there till gone 4 in the morning. My first target was M22 Globular cluster followed by the incredibly faint Barnards Galaxy, then M74 a lovely spiral galaxy and another one I can not remember the name of and lastly this lovely galaxy. Have a lot of processing to do now but it was fantastic.

So this is my latest attempt at imaging the galaxy compared to my first efforts many moons ago now. I think I am improving a bit now.

last nights imaging session.


and my first attempts at this target


The first attempt was November 2011, cant belive 2 years have gone by!


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Great image and nice to see the improvement there Mark. It was a cracking Night here too. I stayed up until 3-30 and then called it a day Hope this is a sign of things to come over winter.

Cheers John

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Cheers James hope you had nice clear skies to :D

Oh, yes, I was out until silly o'clock last night. Clear again tonight, too, though I'm not sure the seeing is as good as last night. Still, the subs are coming in already :)


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