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  1. Many Thanks Tim, When I looked through it visually, It always gave good clear views. And for imaging they give fantastic flat images. And a view down the scope not in the original images John
  2. HitecAstro MountHub Now Sold - Just the MN190 left Reduced price to £625
  3. I’m selling my Mono QSI 683 WSG-8. It is around 4½ years old and is in good condition. There are a few marks from light handling. I don’t have the time to use this to its full extent so I am reluctantly selling this. This camera has an internal 8 position filter wheel that has the advantage of taking 31mm filters. It also has an Off axis guiding port to give everything required for imaging in a single package. It comes with the camera, Power supply, guider cable, USB Cable, 2” nosepiece, Allan keys, Pelican case and original packaging Price is £2500 by bank transfer, including shipping to a UK address. (Also advertised on ABS) Specs 8.3mp Kodak KAF-8300 sensor USB 2.0 High-Speed, 16-bit output Dual read rates of 800kHz and 8MHz Air cooling to 45C below ambient An 8-position filter wheel An Integrated Guider Port
  4. JohnC64

    SOLD- HitecAstro USB EQDir cables

    Blue one sold - Just the other one left now
  5. Hi All, Going through my Astro gear I have found that I have two HitecAstro USB EQDir cables for an EQ 6 mount (Not quite sure how that happened). It has a Hitecastro connector at one end and a D9 connector at the other for the mount. From looking at the Device descriptor in USB Prober. They are based on the Prolific Chipset for those who look at this spec £15 each posted Cheers John Edit - Just one left now
  6. JohnC64

    Open-Air Pier Mount

    Fantastic. Nice to see it in its new home. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did John
  7. Removed sold items and added photos for the QSI
  8. Hi All, With work demands and just being generally busy at the moment, I’m not able to find the time to do any astro-photography. So I have decided to sell my Astro gear as its not getting the use that it deserves. The items for sale combined made up a reasonably competent observatory. Its sad to let them go, but I would rather that someone get better use out of them that I have been over the past year or so. I’ll put a link to the sellers website so you can get the specs for each item where possible. Skywatcher MN190 Maksutov Newtonian telescope - £625 (Reduced Price) https://www.firstlightoptics.com/maksutov-newtonian/skywatcher-explorer-190mn-ds-pro-mak-newt-astrograph.html This is a lovely flat field telescope and is ideal for imaging as well as visual use. It is the newer variant so it has a twin speed focuser. Also included with this are the original right angle view finder, A dew shield and a Bahtinov Mask. It is also in its original packaging for transport. The mounting bar has some marks where it has been used to attach it to the mount but these are only cosmetic. Again postage might be expensive for an item of this size so probably best delivered/ Meet up/pick up in the Cambs, Herts, Suffolk, Norfolk area. Hitech Astro Mount Hub Pro - £175 - SOLD https://www.modernastronomy.com/shop/accessories/mount-accessories/hitecastro-mount-hub-pro/ This is the original version of Hitech’s Mount hub pro. with the six port USB hub. 4 Dew heater outputs, 12V DC power outlets, and a focuser controller. It also comes with the additional controller to manually drive the focuser and a couple of made up power leads to connect things up. It had its firmware updated by Hitech astro a year or so ago so that it works correctly when plugged in/out of USB. I have a whole load of smaller items so will start another thread when I have sorted them all out. If there are any questions or you want any more info please feel free to send me a PM. Cheers John
  9. JohnC64

    Bolting pier to concrete base help.

    Another option is to go for the chemfix - chembolts. https://www.sealantsonline.co.uk/ProductGrp/004400510001 Just Drill a hole into the concrete and resin fix them in to get a nice flush fit. Then you just bolt into them from the top with standard bolts. The advantage is that if you wish to remove your pier, you don't get any nasty threaded rods sticking out of the ground. Councils use them to fix bollards and the like. Hope this helps John
  10. JohnC64

    HitecAstro - Mount Hub Pro on OSX

    Hi Rob, I have had a look at the way that the software works for the HitecAstroDC and DC2. Unfortunately it appears to have a different control protocol so I don't think that I will be able to mod my program to suit your needs. I have sent you a PM with details of the VID and PID values that you will require to modify the INDI driver .rules file. That combined with Information you obtained from the INDI team should enable you to get the Focus DC2 working with your system. Cheers John Edit: Looking at the GitHub repo for INDI, It looks like Andy Kirkham has updated the source so that it will work with the FocuserDC2 as the new VID/PID is in the source. Downloading the latest of INDI will probably sort your problem.
  11. JohnC64

    roll off roof wheels

    Hi Paul, I went for the these http://www.fhbrundle.co.uk/products/0586604000__80mm_Dia_V_Groove_Wheel_One_Ball_Bearing_Internal_Support They fit inside the toprail so give a nice low profile. The first two pics are from inside the obsy and the last one was before I fitted the roof. HTH John
  12. JohnC64

    Mount hub pro - API?

    One thing i noticed when I wrote my Mac version of the MHP software was that if I sent a focuser command, whilst the motors were moving, you could not perform any other commands. As there is no feedback from the MHP, you did not know that the command had failed. I guess it will be the same for the windows command too Cheers John
  13. JohnC64

    Neq6 pier

    Hi Andy, I got mine from JTW Astronomy via Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Skywatcher-EQ6-Mount-Pier-Adapter/dp/B00ZMDGTDC They are currently out of stock but you may be able to contact them via their website http://www.jtwastronomy.com There are other suppliers too http://www.billetparts.co.uk/catalog/pier-adapter-p-136.html http://www.green-witch.com/altair-astro-multi-mount-pier-adaptor-2679-p.asp The other option is to go DIY - I remember someone on here using a brake disk with great success. John

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