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Imaging in Kent


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I notice there is not a Kent/South East social group which is a shame so I wondered if anyone here has some good tips on sites through Kent suitable and safe for imaging.

Like many in the Home Counties I am plagued by the London light extending to North West Kent so I am on the prowl for both sites and like-minded accomplices for imaging in the best sites we can muster.

From the maps Romney Marsh looks like a good shout though being an hour away I'd be happy to see if anyone has other ideas.

I did enquire to my local council (Bexley) about gaining permission to enter parks after closing but was met with fairly abrupt and negative responses.

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Anywhere around Rye/Dungerness/romney is best. You get some glow to the NE from Dover but otherwise its the darkest you'll find in Kent.

I can't speak from imaging experience there, but i fish a lot around different parts of Kent so get to see the night sky from different places. Rye is unbeatable!

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I'm in Borough Green near Sevenoaks, it's not totally dark out here but it's not bad. I only image from my back garden but there are loads of farms and quiet spots that would be good sites for imaging.

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