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  1. Been a member for for a few years now, although when i first joined i was surprised about how much info is here. I must of hit the search button a million times! The tutorials and help this site has given me with my equipment is invaluable. Sgl is the first and last place i go to with any questions. Its also nice just to browse the amazing images you lot take. Massive thanks to the founders, but more importantly a massive thanks to all the posters that cram this site with all the information a noob needs! Best astro forum..... ever [/comicbookguy]
  2. I saw this 2 nights ago from my light polluted garden in south east london. It went from nw to se at about 11pm. It was 3 to 4 times faster than the iss but only 1/3 as bright. I saw a small iridium flare at the same time going from east to west and it was much much faster than that. It seemed to fade the closer it got to the horizon but the seeing was bad so im not 100% it was just the earths shadow. It was most definatley in space and not an aircraft. Its not the first time ive seen it either. I just stood there in awe wondering what could be travelling so fast, in orbit? Anyone know what it is yet?
  3. Finally got myself an 18-55mm lens for my Canon 450d (only had the body attached to the scope). This is 50 x 1m 15sec exposures with a few darks and flats. (the highest I can do before light pollution drowns out the image) Unfortunatley I lost most of the data trying to remove a huge amount of unwanted photons! So I pasted a few dso's ive done to make it a bit better!
  4. Earl, Id love to be able to set it all up and play with it at home, but I dont have a garden. Tinker, thanks very much, im downloading the software right now and ill have a play with it. Here are my results from last night, didnt have enough time to mess around with the qhy5... getting more and more dissapointed with my pictures as its such an effort to lug all my equipment from place to place just to get 30 sec subs then stretching the hell out of them to get any detail. This hobby is actually going to make me move house!
  5. I have EQMOD/ASCOM installed and PHD. Usually I just control everything via the hand controller before I got my guide camera, but I got fed up of 30 sec subs. In what way would you suggest I run everything? I just want to be able to goto a target, track it and image it!
  6. Usually the search button solves all my problems but this time I need some help from you guys! I have got myself a QHY5 slotted into my 9x50 finderscope. Getting the thing to guide I can sort out myself after reading many tutorials, but using eqmod/stellarium etc for the GOTO slew looks very complicated. Is there a way I can align the mount/goto my target with the hand controller then use the QHY5 to then guide from a star? I have the QHY5 plugged straight into the mount, and pc. then the handset plugged into the pc via rs232 to usb converter. To get autoguiding I have to put the handset into direct pc mode to calibrate and guide... but as soon as i do that, will the mount stop tracking the object and ill have to find it all over again manually? Im so confused with all this and really need a simple (ish) solution as I get to use my scope about once every month or 2, and at this rate it will be years before I figure it all out! Tonight ill be taking the scope to a dark site and crossing my fingers! Thanks. Chris
  7. BYE only lets me take a 30 sec exposure with my 450D, which is fine as I havent got an autoguider yet. The canon software that came with the camera lets you take unlimited exposure time with the same cable (why BYE doesnt I dont know), which I will be using once ive figured out drift allignment/got myself an autoguider! Its a great camera and BYE is brilliant for beginners!
  8. Yes I have the eq5 synscan tracking mount, although if you can keep the moon centered enough with your dob then you should have no problem getting decent shots. the wind sometimes blows the moon all over the screen but registax doesnt seem to mind when it comes to stacking. I use BackyardEos in the planetary mode, and the 5x zoom option to record a 3000 frame avi. then just chuck it into registax (I used a simple moon tutorial i found) and thats how it comes out! It was my first go at it, and to be honest im surprised how much detail there is! I used the same method for jupiter and it came out fantastic! Who says you need an expensive ccd!
  9. thankyou!! Its my first try with lunar photography
  10. Taken with a 200p, Canon 450d through a 2x barlow, stacked in RS6
  11. beauty! I really must get myself a ccd camera!
  12. Screw your Barlow directly onto your T ring adapter and then into the telescope. As you have a Canon, Download BackyardEos and use the planetary option where you can use a 5x zoom in the software to make an .avi, you can then stack and process in Registax. (settings I use are 1/30 - 1/60 sec shutter speed with iso of 100-400). you should be able to just about keep jupiter in the live view using the knobs on the mount. Dont worry about keeping it perfectly in the center as Registax aligns everything for you for the final image. Im also a complete noob at this, see my Jupiter thread I just started for my results with this method!
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