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  1. There are just so many moving parts on this thing that the launch isn't the most nerve-wracking part. Part of me hopes that there can be many, more simple, large telescopes launched on board SpaceX Starships instead of these hugely expensive flag ship telescopes. The NSA gave NASA two extra Hubble telescopes (obviously need significant modification) that were made to point at the earth rather than away from it. Send those up! In my opinion more is better rather than best-that-can-be all eggs in one basket launches.
  2. This looks great! How do you go about framing a Dark Neb so well? Not tried on yet
  3. I had all sorts of problems with the StarXterminator. It'd remove the stars but leave large areas of background and fill it with a base colour - no noise, just smooth - stands out like a sore thumb. I think the issue is halos around the stars are sometimes detected as stars. On the other hand, your image looks bloody amazing and it's done a fab job for you! Thanks for sharing.
  4. It's worth pointing out that some ZWO CMOS cameras actually have a dew heater built in - my 2600 does. Not sure how many models have it.
  5. Cheers dude. I ran out as soon as the kids were in bed and set up as quick as I could (no pier) - by the time I was focused I had time for 30 seconds of sub only, with no polar alignment. I aimed the mount at a tree that's roughly north
  6. I've got no idea, it actually fell out sideways, as in rolled out, not up or down sliding. Very odd. I'm thinking it looks "ok" too, as in, the stars are equally crap everywhere.
  7. No idea what happened, I swear I had it securly in the mount by the dovetail. It landed dew-shied first and chipped a bit of paint off the corner. My 3D printed top-rail then took the rest of the impact. From what I can see the glass looks fine. To check it last night I managed to get set up under clouds and got one 30 second sub before overcast. I couldn't polar align. Can anything be said of this sub that scope is ok/not ok, or do I need more data? Cheers Preview_000_30.0s_Bin1_gain100.fit Preview_000_30.0s_Bin1_gain100.tif
  8. Makes my problems feel small man. Love it.
  9. It's more of a moral decision to not use Facebook products. As I say, I'm the outlier and it does screw me over!
  10. I'm looking to develop some rules of thumb which I can stick to. I am pretty much exclusively an imager. I have an ASIAIR Pro which can control the dew heater straps % power through the app. I don't think it's in any way automated though, so unless I'm up I need to set and forget. Obvs if I'm awake I can adjust. Because I image on battery a lot, the dew straps work out as one of the biggest drainers, so I'd like to make this as efficient as possible. So on my 115mm refractor, how high in % terms should I be running the Lynx Astro dew strap? The colder it is, the more power I run through it? The more degrees below dew point, the more power I run through it? Just whack it on 75% and go to the pub? I've seen plenty of arguements on various forums about where to position the strap, but not a lot on how much power to give it. Cheers
  11. Thanks Stuart. Unfortunately I don't use Facebook (which seems to screw me over a lot) so I guess I'll just have to import what I want from Germany!
  12. I've tried to email a couple of times in the last 2 weeks, tried to call a few times - no response to email and no one to answer the phone. I have a stock enquiry (website says to email to check stock). I don't want to pay them if they're out of stock and won't be possible to get a refund! Supplier reviews threads are all locked, so posted in the only place I could think would accomodate a thread such as this. Cheers
  13. That is a ton of detail from the city with no filter, Lee. It's definitely not over processed like lots of M31s I see. Nice job mate
  14. This is going to be so rad when you get the mosaic done. Nice work man!
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