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  1. Gina how do you know how much to adjust the bolts if it tells you are are X degrees/minutes high/west etc?
  2. Stunning image, a proper colour explosion. Would you be kind enough to link to Ian's post on guiding?
  3. Stunning image, a proper colour explosion. Would you be kind enough to link to Ian's post on guiding?
  4. Looks like the WO 71 with FR. Pretty awesome snap. Thank you for sharing it n
  5. Thank you very much, especially for the Alignmaster settings tip. The issue I have is that one of the two gardens I set up in has no view of Polaris at all, so I can't use the EQMOD method at all. I have to guess to get as close as possible. So I figured Alignmaster might be a solution - although the further out I am in initial alignment the harder it will be to use the program. So you use a finder scope to spot the stars you want? One idea I had was to take some exposures of main stars and keep the in a folder for Astro Tortilla to plate solve to. Seems like a quick way to get things bang on for subsequent nights alignment.
  6. Been struggling with this one... I know it should work but I think I'm falling down with Astro Tortilla issuing 'Sync' commands. The goal here is to align in a garden without Polaris being visible and without drift aligning. The other objective is to not need to swap in an illuminated reitcle eye piece. Quickly, the basic methodology goes something like: Point mount roughly North & load on equipment & connect laptop Booting up Alignmaster choose a pair of stars - say Vega and Dubhe Using Cartes du Ciel connect to scope and slew to Vega Switch to Astro Tortilla, plate solve with the connected camera and issue the 'Re-Slew to target' command [*I think this is the issue] Nudge EQAscom to centre Vega in the live view - Backyard EOS has a target overlay Repeat Astro Tortilla steps for Dubhe Go through the manual bolt adjustment with Alignmaster Last night Alignmaster told me that my polar alignment error was 45 seconds in both directions. Considering where I was I couldn't see Polaris I suspected this was wrong. Sure enough a 60 second sub showed star trails. * I read that the following settings need to be in EQASCOM when using Alignmaster So they key point I have noticed here is in order for Astro Tortilla to Re Slew to Target it forces the Sync box to also be ticked. If there was no Sync issued think this might work. So if anyone can help here it would be really appreciated - I'm trying to only have to touch the scope for manual Alt Az adjustment.
  7. Right OK - well if I can find one in stock I'll probably give it a punt. I'm on the hunt for a review of it now but it does look pretty solid.
  8. Matesy - I've just found this - could this be the answer? http://www.365astronomy.com/lacerta-skyfoto-skyphoto-offaxis-guider-for-canon-eos-p-1433.html
  9. Hi guys I didn't want to start a new thread so I thought I'd drag this one back up. I too was about to purchase the OVL OAG from FLO and it occurred to me that spacing might be an issue. I have a 115mm APO with a 3" focuser and use both a field flattener and a 0.79X reducer/flattener in front of my 1100D. Looking at the numbers, simply put, I think I may be stuffed. FLO are looking in to it for me but I thought I would ask here too. 20,000 minds are better than one n'all. Picture 1 shows the dimension of the 3" field flattener, picture 2 is a screenshot of the info of my 0.79 reducer. They both look like roughly 55mm backfocus is required. I found this 0mm T2 adapter at Teleskop Service which might help a little... but perhaps not enough. If I can help it I really didn't want to buy any more flatteners/reducers! Thanks for any help
  10. Mrs Flib: "I don't know what you're worried about, there'll be clear skies again" - she said after forcing me to decorate the last two nights.
  11. Hi Tony Try converting the TIF to another file format for upload, JPG while lossy will work, you could try PNG.
  12. Just an update in case anyone does find themselves in a similar situation... Just in case anyone else bumps in to this issue I found this on FLO: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/starlight-instruments-feathertouch/ft-feathertouch-ftf3035ba.html Who offer the exact same focuser with all customisations required for Altair Astro 115/130 APO's (and other scopes) for £200 less. Lovely stuff!
  13. Good stuff Tim. I got out last night as well - didn't manage to leave until 30 mins past sunset and was driving through country lanes trying to find somewhere to set up! Was worth it though, beautiful night. I too had Andromeda framed and a satellite whizzed by North to South. Maybe we were both watching at the same time. Small world.
  14. I've been using Astro Tortilla for play solving and it is excellent. I saw it had a polar align feature and had a go. It tells me how far out I am in both axis. However, say it tells me I'm 4 degrees too high does anyone have a reliable method for lowering 4 degrees on an EQ6 or is it just have a stab trial and error?
  15. Where I come from profit is not a dirty word. I have no problem with Altair trying to make a profit but I disagree with this method of doing so. It seems I've been locked in to Altair Astro if I want to buy this focuser. From what I can tell this is not normal practice from other manufacturers (please do correct me here as I only own the Altair). This would not bother me too much if the item didn't cost nearly double the retail value. When I consider that the service I have received from them previously has been pretty slow and inefficient that it seems I'll have to pay more for less. The scope however has been excellent, so no complaints with what Altair do deliver. Please don't think I'm having a go at their product. My main question was finding anyone with an Altair that managed to use the standard Featherlight. It seems the scope is rare enough for this to be a tough one!
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