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SkyMax 127 Focuser

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Not sure if this has been mentioned yet;

There is a tiny Allen set screw on the knob, maybe 2, loosen, and pull the knob back about 1mm. 

It is probably rubbing against the rear of the scope.

This is VERY common, they push it on way too hard at the factory.

My 127, and my C6 had this issue.


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I spelled the word "too" wrong ;)
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8 hours ago, MrFreeze said:

Err, I hate to point this out, but did you check the date on the original post? The OP hasn't even been seen on here since 2014!


Victim of a Necro post LOL

I type on a phone, so I missed it. 

Just assumed it was recent.


Oh well, 😂

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I to have just broken into the piggy bank and as my first step into Astronomy bought the skymax & gti but with a zwo 120mc camera and Stellarmate running on a Pi4 so I can sit in the warmth. A Smart controlled would be a great addition.

As for a sticky focusing knob, mine seems ok and has just the right level of resistance to make fine adjustments without too much of a wobble.

Back to the motorised control, I was thinking of a step motor controlled by the Pi and wonder if anyone has done this, are there any drivers that will integrate with Stellarmate.

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