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  1. It's has been a long time since I could have almost 2 months of fairly good skies, in comparison with what I usually have. I live in a quite big and light polluted city(Valencia) Normally I am limited at the south sky , but this summer I could discover the wonders of Sagitary, even with a slow(f12) Mak127 as mine. Okey I agree there's lots of things I couldn't see. But there were a few ones I could enjoy (M11,M22...) and others that I enjoyed, although I know I have had only a little glimpse of what you can see.(M17, M8...), and made me think of buying a UHC filter even for my little MAK. That's what I like of this hobby, I know that can always get better, always there is space for improvement. For me is a slow journey,since living in a big city and not having lots of opportunities of going outside this ball of light pollution. But if I look back to my experiences I can remember my first little steps, my first views of Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Albireo, M42... even little upgrades as a 10 mm Baader ocular, or an old second-hand neximage, was something to relish. This summer has been , we could say, a second revival. A new camera (ASI12OMC-S),that even, I could use only a few days with Saturn and the Moon ,and not in the best conditions, was again a moment of enjoyment and wonder. A new barlow(2X,1,5X), and new 15mm GSO ocular and a quite good sky and I enjoy for the first time M13 and M57. It could be say I have internalize some mantras I could read all the time, averted vision, give time your eye to get use to the object. And I really got hooked with M11. Every night I return to this object, and some of them was just amazing. I have also enjoyed, well we enjoyed(my wife and I), the Perseids, even with the Moon. What a difference a good sky and a relaxed place to watch make!. A tripod and camera, just make my day (or night). I have also nights of only binoculars and Sagitarius and the Milky Way, and it got me thinking, who needs more? But dreaming, it's free and I enjoyed just thinking how could it be with a darker and futher south sky (La Palma for instance) with Sagitarius a bit higher. Who knows maybe one day. My summer is finished and I know my enthusiasm will probably decline with time and getting back to the routine. But I know for sure, that I will be back again. Who has enjoyed the beauty and peace that emanates from watching the sky won't get away never ever from it.
  2. Why don't you start with Planetary Imaging? It's no so demanding and can be quite rewarding, and it's a bit like hunting. Okey, there are lots of people hunting, und most of them are better than you and me. But I think there's a satisfation and enjoyment in hunting down the perfect day, with the perfect seeing, the perfect set up, the perfect opposition day...and sharing with friends and family. Exactly it's about enjoying the walking to a hilltop, and sharing... And as a Spanish poet said. "Traveler there is not path, ypu make it when you walk".
  3. Thanks Dave, the sky wasn't that good, I suppose being the Swan in the zenit help, and it was 40 x 20 sec.
  4. Cygnus constellation , with only a Canon 1000D and a tripod. 40 Lights 20 sec., und 6 Darks, from Valencia(Spain).
  5. I could't really enjoy my observation tonight. My mind was elsewhere...Barcelona my born town. I'm with you.:cry:


  6. But Vixen flip Mirror is for 2" entrance, isn't it?
  7. Good to know, !!! I thought UHC filter was good only for big ones.
  8. Interesting, so in visual more than anything else Nebulae are the favorite objects, rather than star clusters and galaxies. I can also see most of the answers, if not all, were from owners of big telescopes, dobson and so, and using filters. Nobody with a medium small telescope has a favorite DSO? I know is not easy, but nobody?
  9. Has anybody experience with a flip mirror in a mak127? If so, I would like to know which model/brand, and if it has gone well. I want to use it with eyepiece and asi120mc. Any advice or experience welcome, and do you think it would be useful for a telescope as mine?, and for the purpose I want it? thanks.
  10. Whiich is your favourite summer DS0? Always talking in visual. Mine M11"Wild Duck Cluster". Although I don't see any duck, I think it's wonderful seeing so many stars twinkling, even with a small telescope as mine. Which one is your favourite?
  11. Thanks Jonathan and Pete!
  12. One of my firsts Saturn with my newly received camera ASI120MC-S. I haven't done much in years, but I decided to come back this summer, since this year I have the opportunity to use my telescope (Celestron 127SLT) almost daily. Until now I had used it only with the Nexi, and what a difference with the ASI120... It's not much, I know, but I can't help feeling optimistic with this new camera.
  13. Once again, extraordinary , a beauty.
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