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  1. 'Kit' is only worth what people are prepared to pay for it. Like it or not there are people bidding at (and beyond) the prices being asked. If you have evidence that eBay is 'bent as a nine bob note' I suggest you contact the police fraud squad. David
  2. People suggesting 70% of (unavailable) new price should take a reality check and look on eBay to see the ridiculous prices scopes are going for nowadays. Older secondhand blue tube Skywatcher telescopes are fetching considerably more than the few brand new ones still available ! (I always did prefer the look of them myself). Not saying it's right, but that's the way the world is, not the way we would like it to be. Until stock levels return to something approaching normality I'm afraid we are stuck with this situation. David
  3. I think this might work - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33000127040.html . IF it really is a 43mm thread. It doesn't specify whether it is 42x0.75 or 42x1 at the other end either, and the threaded section isn't that long, so won't take too much weight. David
  4. Short tube refractor ? Is this an Evostar 90/660 then ? The standard Evostar 90 will definitely reach focus. If you are having trouble with filters on your eyepiece preventing the eyepiece seating fully, this sounds like you have a restriction in your diagonal. Some diagonals have a restriction ring on the eyepiece port, some others don't - unfortunately it's difficult to tell unless you can get hold of one to check it. Not the sort of thing companies advertise. David
  5. Yes indeed - Aliexpress (The Outdoor Movement Store to be precise) They've sold out of most of their ES eyepieces at the moment unfortunately. It is my largest eyepiece by quite some margin, and I'm not sure about rubber eyecups - I prefer a solid one you can rest your face against. Was stupidly thinking I could get to try it out last night as it was clear when I got home from work - no chance. Could only see about 3 stars by 9:30 ! David
  6. Just screw it onto the back of the existing component (and remove the thumbscrews) - it will work fine. Never had a problem reaching focus with that arrangement, and we used our Evostar 90 like that for years. (I just went up into the loft to check - it's in storage up there now) David
  7. I wasn't sure about the eyepiece - I have seen conflicting opinions about it. Some recon that stray light control is very poor, but supposedly it has the greatest FOV available in a 1.25" eyepiece. I was made an offer I couldn't refuse by a Chinese distributor, so went for it. David
  8. This should help : www.aliexpress.com/item/32800166770.html. A Svbony M42x0.75 to 1.25" adaptor - fits all Skywatcher 1.25" focusers and has a compression ring to avoid marking your eyepieces. David
  9. Postie has been busy. That's a cover for my new tablet by the way, with the book to get it free postage! As recommended by Scousespacecadet to fit in the pocket - crumbs he must have small pockets - it fits easily in a shirt pocket! It will be interesting to try the ES against the Starguider I got recently - if we ever get clear skies. (OK I know it was clear last Thursday, but I was so tired from work I fell asleep on the sofa after dinner) David
  10. I can't focus on the cross hairs of a short cheshire at all, with or without spectacles. Annoying as I overpaid for one from a UK company (not FLO) who advertised it as 'with instructions', and then provided it without instructions. When I queried this I was told this was the new 'improved' version. They did then go on to provide some pdf instructions in an email. Replaced it with a cheapo chinese long cheshire, and had no problems at all with that. David
  11. Nah - that's a big bottle. I've got much smaller pots of paint than that - stupidly expensive as well ! David
  12. Happy birthday to me! (OK it's a day late) David
  13. If you get the free "app" 'Celestron Sky Portal' on your mobile phone it has a lot of information in the descriptions including the myths behind the constellation names. Also many good pictures of planets etc which may entertain your child for hours. If your phone has a compass even better, as it can then show you what you are looking at and guide you to interesting targets. David
  14. Nope - there is no constrictor ring in there. I have a 45 degree diagonal with one and they are a pain as they can prevent you from rotating an eyepiece with polarising filter fitted. David
  15. The Svbony diagonal is real, not at all 'too good to be true'. It's not a 'cheap Chinese knock off' at all. You WILL get full after sales support, at least as good as any UK dealer. I have been dealing with Svbony for years (far longer than FLO) and have had nothing but excellent service. Even got given a pre-production sample of their SV225 camera for evaluation - not had that from dealers in this country! Heres a picture of my diagonal, and it is brilliant. David
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