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Clear skies across the North West all week.....


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Yeah i Noticed that Gaz still rubbing my eye's in dis belief :shock:

If its right i will be doing some observing with a Pair of Binos and maybe some widefield images with the Toucam. The beehive gets pretty high in the early hours with Saturn close by this makes for a wonderfull scene as does my Fav Orion. One thing to watch for is Meteors..


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Your not wrong there matey i have observed my fair share aswell, the fireball a couple of months back was just amazing and since then there have been many reports of these Space fireworks :shock:.

It's a good time for Binos and a thermos Flask :clouds1:

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It actually got better later on, about 11pm was nice again, but I could see more clouds rolling in.

Took a look at Orion and the nebula before packing up.

Mars is my target for tonight - I really want to get a better image of this before he fades. I shall be using the A.S. Vixen refractor tonight as I have an airport pickup to do.

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It is very cold here aswell Gaz, there's a slight wind coming from the sea blowing my way(Shivers) but it is really clear at the moment just hope it holds up because last night it was full of very high clouds... Gonna be chillie sitting down with my binos but well worth it :clouds1:

James :clouds1:

PS:Good luck

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