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ESO publish 268megapixel image of M17


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It took a while for me too. If you look at the column to the right of the picture, the options are there for the image at a number of resolutions and also as a wallpaper.

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I can't see 268mp mentioned anywhere in that article? Would be amazing if it was though... is there anywhere you can view the full resolution image? Like with gigapixel images :)

on the original article is mentioned, here's a pic of the camera

ESO - eso1119d - OmegaCAM, the monster camera of the VLT Survey Telescope

the link to the article...more images on the right side

ESO - eso1119 - First Images from the VLT Survey Telescope


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Now that's massive. There is a nearly-100MB picture of the Orion Nebula in Wikipedia Commons. I've once clicked on it only for my Firefox to crash, so careful if you click on it. I used a download program to view it. Here's the link File:Orion Nebula with proplyd highlights (captured by the Hubble Space Telescope).jpg - Wikimedia Commons (This is just a preview, NOT the 100MB picture itself.)

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